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Orgone Family Pack

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"Family" is the most important value we have and it is natural to want to look after each other. While the emphasis is often on our emotional wellbeing, it also helps to be aware of our physical care. The Orgone...

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"Family" is the most important value we have and it is natural to want to look after each other. While the emphasis is often on our emotional wellbeing, it also helps to be aware of our physical care.
The Orgone Family Pack can be very helpful for the entire family as the Home Harmoniser creates a healthy negative ion charge that dissolves toxic energy from electrical, technical and environmental devices. The Mobile Harmonisers are placed on all devices used outside the home and the Car Harmonisers create stressfree driving.
(Family Pack includes 1 x Geoclense Home Harmoniser, 4 x Mobile Harmonisers, 2 x Car Harmonisers)
All these products keep the "Family" happy, healthy and harmonic!
More Details

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser covers your entire home, whether one or two storeys.  It harmonises over 30 toxic energies, is portable, can be taken on familly holidays and lasts a lifetime.

How Geoclense Home Harmoniser Works

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.

With the Geoclense operating, the stress put on the nervous system by the Positive Ion component of EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi,  RF and other sources of noxious energy are removed, and oxygen/photon levels are corrected.

Within an instant the space may feel lighter and clearer and the wellbeing of your family restored creating a healthier and happier home environment.

How Orgone Car Harmoniser Works

By installing an Orgone Car Harmoniser the noxious Positive Ion fields are replaced with a vibrant healthy Negative Ion charged atmosphere.

The EMR field produced by the car’s electrical system totally engulfs all occupants, placing passengers in a toxic Positive Ion field which may deprive occupants of oxygen and deplete them of energy causing nausea and fatigue. Driver concentration levels may also be affected by these noxious energies.

The frequency of Earth Magnetic Grid lines that pass under the car while driving also has a debilitating affect on the occupants which exacerbate the already noxious energies within the car. In addition, due to the noxious resonance of the petrol tank, the area directly above the fuel tank can create a problem to for the back seat passengers.

The Car Harmoniser works by being plugged into the USB port.

How the Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/Baby Monitor Harmoniser Works

The Orgone Mobile Phone Harmonisers carry a frequency infused into the screen printed polycarbonate disc.  This frequency resonates a balancing negative charge field that may harmonise the positive charge energy fields around the phone, tablet or laptop.

The ionic discs may help harmonise the electromagnetic radiation coming from your family’s mobile phones, baby monitors and other devices. It is helpful for all family members have protective harmonisers on their mobiles, tablets and laptops to protect their brain and internal organs.


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