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Orgone Facts

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser

How does the Geoclense work?

The Geoclense is a plug-in device that generates a Negative Ion resonance which balances/harmonises the Positive Ions created by Electromagnetic Radiation, Radio Frequency, Microwave Beams and Geopathic Stress.

The Geoclense is made from a formulation called Orgonium, a trademark of OEA (Orgone Effects Australia), and an energetic infusion process exclusive to OEA. Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin, which has undergone an energetic frequency infusion process enabling the Geoclense to resonate somewhat like a crystal, but on a much more powerful scale.

Just plug the Geoclense into a central power point in the home, office or school and switch it on. The Geoclense contains no wiring and does not use any power

Switching the Geoclense on amplifies the Negative Ion Resonance frequency being transferred through the home’s electrical wiring, balancing the resonance of EMF fields created by electrical circuits and appliances from a Positive Ion Resonance/DOR (noxious energy) to Negative Ion Resonance/POR (healthy energy). 

The Geoclense will also balance all forms of Radiation from stand-alone appliances not associated with the electrical wiring system as well as 5G, water veins and pipes, power lines, Earth Radiation, imprinted energies from Digital TV beams, emotional imprinting and much more.

How does the Geoclense improve health?

With the Geoclense operating the stress put on the nervous system by the Positive Ion component of EMR and other sources of noxious energy are removed, and oxygen levels are corrected. Within an instant, the space feels lighter and clearer and the well-being of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment.

The Geoclense is not only for use in the home, but ideal for the workplace, schools, child care centres and hospitals.

How do I use the Geoclense?

To activate the Geoclense plug it into any spare central power point in the home and turn the switch on. Geoclense contains no wiring and does not use any power. It is completely portable so great for travelling. When you travel Internationally simply plug it in to the adaptor for that country.

What area does the Geoclense cover?

With Radionics used as part of the technology, the Geoclense is able to cover the entire area of a home whether one, two or three stories and the surrounding land title.

What makes the Geoclense more effective than competitor’s products?

The Geoclense is made from a formulation called Orgonium, trademark of OEA, and an energetic infusion process exclusive to OEA. Orgonium is not Orgonite, as it does not contain dirty ingredients such as metals and toxic resins. Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin, which has undergone an energetic frequency infusion process enabling the Geoclense to resonate somewhat like a crystal, but on a much more powerful scale.

The Geoclense is also programmed to neutralise a vast array of Positive Ion Resonance fields, including some fields which may potentially cause great harm. However, some of these fields can only be identified by the most experienced EMF consultant.

It is the knowledge base of the manufacturer OEA as Sick Building Consultants, with their advanced medical intuitive and energy reading skills developed over many years, which all contribute to the outstanding performance of the Geoclense. Practioners worldwide endorse this product.

How can you test these products?

The Orgone Energy products have been thoroughly medically tested by Australia’s leading Kinesiologists and various medical based Bio-feedback technologies, which many Practitioners are currently using. These Practitioners are able to show the body under organ stress from EMR/EMF and Geopathic Stress using Kinesiology or Bio-feedback machines. They are then able to re-test with the client using the Orgone products and it will show no organ stress. A gauss meter does not measure the effectiveness of these products as it cannot measure the effect of EMR and EMF on the body’s organs which is the main concern for all of us.

Orgone Mobile Harmoniser

How does the Mobile Harmoniser work?

The Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser is a wafer chip that carries a frequency that creates a healthy, negative charge energy field.  This fieldneutralizes the harmful, positive charge energy fieldemitted from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cordless phones, iPads, Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wi-Fi modems, potentially neutralizing the harmful resonant effect on human organs and meridians.

In addition, our Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer is unique in its ability to potentially provide further EMF protectionfrom the effects of other EMR fields i.e. Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) and Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated).

How do you apply the Mobile Harmoniser?

The Mobile Phone Harmonizer has a strong self-adhesive backing so it can be adhered to the back of the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, baby monitor or onto any portable wireless device.

Alternatively, as our Mobile Phone Harmonizer will last forever, place the square wafer on the back of the phone between your protective cover so it is easily transferable when you upgrade your phone technology.

Orgone Car Harmoniser

How does the Car Harmoniser work?

The Car EMR Harmoniser is a totally portable Electromagnetic Radiation neutraliser which eliminates all noxious EMR energies caused by the car’s electrical system, the back seat area over the fuel tank, and also eliminates the depleting effects of other outside noxious energies such as Earth Magnetic Grid lines that you are exposed to while driving.

By installing a Car Harmoniser the noxious Positive Ion fields are replaced with a vibrant healthy Negative Ion charged atmosphere. Plug the harmoniser into your usb connection for stress-free driving.

Orgone Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser

How Does the Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser Work?

The Cabin Harmoniser is a Negative Ion balancing device that can harmonise the size of an  Airbus A320. It can be used in a larger aircraft but may not protect the whole aircraft. They can also be carried in handbags, school backpacks, pencil cases, buses, trains and trams to create a safe negative ion environment for travellers.

Orgone Energy Plates

How do you use the Orgone Energy Plates work?

Place any liquid of your choice such as juice or water on your plates and leave for 1 x minute to infuse the liquid with negative ions. You can also leave liquid, food or items on the plate for permanent ionisation.

Leave your bowl of fresh fruit or tomatoes on the ionic plate to keep them fresher for longer, or place your plate of food on for 1 x minute after cooking on the stove.

The Orgone Water Ioniser and Food Energiser Plates remove all the un-natural man-made frequencies that affect  food, wine and water and rejuvenates the frequency of  food and liquids back to the way Nature intended providing more hydration and nourishment, which for improved health.

Orgone Ionic Pendants

The Orgone Sterling Silver pendant also carries sacred geometry energy. By wearing the ionic pendant, your energy levelsmay be increased due to the supportive and strengthening effectthe pendant has on ourenergy bodies, meridian system and vitalorgans. Various noxious EMR fields can weaken our body’s immune system.

People who are very sensitive to EMF and suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity and Chemical Sensitivity may find the Personal Protection Pendant particularly helpful.

The ionic pendants whether Sterling Silver or Coloured Resin can be worn at all times whether swimming or in the shower.

Orgone Dowsing Rods

What are the Divining/Dowsing Rods made from?

The Dowsing Rods are made from Brass and Zinc and are slightly ionised which means they do not collect negative energy. They can be used to locate noxious energies. At our Energy Reading Workshops, you receive a set of rods and we teach you how to use them.

We hold regular workshops in Noosa and Sydney. See more details under latest BLOGS.