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My business and personal values are one in the same and are based on how I live my life.  It is important to me to deliver accurate information, value, service and care to my customers at all times.

As the creator of this service I have always been interested in a deeper level of connection with one another, particularly around our emotions, behaviours and care.

This inner drive led me to  study Psychotherapy and become a qualified therapist 25yrs ago.  

Sharing relevant information to help people is my passion and this website has been of service to thousands of amazing people over the last 10 years. Many have a desire to understand more, or just intuitively know something is not right about the continued increase in technology use. 

Some have major or minor health challenges that medically remain unresolved.  All are aware there could be something else energetically occuring with technology that could be effecting us as human beings. 

Over time I observed many clients with emotional issues around depression, anxiety, stress or withdrawal had unknowingly been carrying the physical effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Many spent long hours on the phone, in front of computers or in toxic work/home environments and had become hypersensitive. 

Also at the time my son was a teenager and sleeping with his phone under his pillow. When I asked him about this he said all his friends did and it was normal behaviour. I also noticed he seemed to become more stressed and out of sorts when he did this. I started to sense there was something I needed to understand around the energetics of technology and emotions.

I decided to research and see if I could find products that could help physically protect my clients and son from the constant infiltration of toxic EMF energy and also to assist their emotional wellbeing.

After extensive research I met Gerard Bini from Orgone Energy and was introduced to his amazing range of products. He went through all the technology, research and practitioner testimonials giving me a greater understanding of how it all fitted together. All were insightful and proved the harmonising effect of the orgone products on the toxic energies that stressed the human body.

With more and more technology and the rolling out of 5G in the world and our avid use of it, we have to find ways not to be fearful, but to be wise. 

Do your own research and feel free to ring me if you have any questions.

Jilly Gabrielson

Exploring Bigger Picture Of Life 

If you are interested in discovering and freeing emotions and behaviours that could be restricting your potential you may be interested in an Awareness Session by phone or in person (Noosa & Sydney).  For  more details my Personal & Professional Development Website is:- www.brightsparkhealth.com.au.