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What Is Immunisation "Shedding"?

What Is Immunisation "Shedding"?

This article is a perspective shared by Orgone Inventor, Intuitive and Building Biologist Gerard Bini. 

"This is a very timely and important blog which l want to share with you regarding the ‘Shedding ‘ phenomenum from CV19 vaxxed people which is being written and spoken
about on the real alternative media world wide.

At first when l read about the shedding 3 months ago l had no idea what it energetically meant with regards to the meridians, organs and the human biofield.

The vaccine rollout was just beginning and the only people vocal in the media were politicians. However as time moved and more and more people were vaxxed we were able to read the biofields of vaxxed people, ordinary people, not politicians, in the media and in person to person contact.

Then we were able to ascertain exactly what the vaxxed shedding was doing to people, and then from shedded people to other people.

And the following is what we found.

First of all lets look at the common ingredient in the CV19 vaccines, Graphene Oxide. Google that word and you will find that it is not in sympathy with humans and animals.

It is a substance which has an electrical charge, a dangerous positive charge which goes tothe vital organs. Our vital organs resonate at and rely on being fed a negative charge from
our meridian system. Which in turn then manifests as a healthy balanced and negative charged Biofield.

When a toxin, especially that derived from a metal substance which has a strong positive charge into our system, then the organ resonance becomes positive charge, equivalent to
that of a diseased organ, or organs. The meridian systems healthy negative charge is depleted to a positive charge and acupuncture points block.

The result of this is the human Biofield then has a very strong positive charge and that a person then becomes an active EMF field similar to what a WIFI router produces in size and frequency when in use!

Then when a toxic Biofield person comes in contact with a person with a healthy Biofield for even just a few minutes, the toxic Biofield person then ‘infects’ the healthy Biofield person,
and then in turn the healthy Biofield then becomes a toxic Biofield. However this is not a new phenomenon, as we have experienced this with Epstein Barr sufferers for many years
for example. Then when a shedded comes in contact with a healthy Biofield the same happens again and again…

That in my eyes is what is happening energetically with the
Shedding phenomenon. The health issues then experienced for vaxxed and then shedded you can easily research elsewhere.

I have had my own experience only just yesterday in an in house Buildng Biology Consult, where the host, who was shedded by her partner who had received the CV19 vaccine. When l do a home consult l personally don’t wear a Stellar Pendant to not create any balancing interference so as to be as accurate as possible with my radiation survey. About 5 minutes into the consult l began to feel very sluggish, energetically confused, began experiencing reflux and a nauseous feeling.

At that time the host had not informed me about her partner
being vaxxed. Also l was more fixated on the energetics of the building rather than the hosts own energy field issues.

At the end of the consult where a Stellar Dome was used to totally balance all fields in the house caused by a fissure, a Geoelectric grid line, mould in the roof cavity and some very toxic human generated Bioplasmic fields over the bedding in the two bedrooms. Which stands to reason because if all occupants of the house were a shedder and shedded, then yes the Bioplasmic fields would be extra strong.

So what to do about it? We developed the new Stellar Pendant about 14 months ago in the first lock down in Melbourne. The initial intention was to produce a single color pendant to
be more effective that the old Orgone Pendants color range. That was back then and there was no CV19 vaccine available, only talk of its ‘development’.

Come forward to July 2021 and the vaccine is being rolled out and we then began to notice the result as spoke about above. We then were able to test the Stellar Pendant on vaxxed
and the non vaxxed. The result was, if a vaxxed person wears a Stellar Pendant then their Biofield was restored and that they were not a shedding danger to others. If a non vaxxed
person wore a Stellar Pendant then if they came in contact with a vaxxed person, then thenon vaxxed Stellar Pendant wearer was the not able to be shedded.

If a non vaxxed was shedded, then after a period of around 24 hours of wearing the Stellar Pendant the shedded Biofield would become fully restored.

This also goes for all of our other personal EMF protection products in our range such as the Ener-Soles, Pendants and Bracelets and Ener-Bands."

Happy, healthy living,

Gerard Bini

Inventor Orgone Energy Products