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Parents Warned of Baby Monitors

Parents Warned of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors should be kept 1m away from cots to minimise electomagnetic emissions, the nation’s radiation watchdog recommends in new advice.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has also suggested children’s use of mobile and cordless phones be limited as a precaution, in its first consumer fact sheet on reducing exposure from wireless devices.

The World Health Organisation classes radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic”.

ARPANSA advised that mobile phones, baby monitors, WI-FI networks and wireless security cameras emit radio frequency electromagnetic energy and that exposure could be reduced by “keeping them at a distance”. Its advice said emissions from baby monitors were “usually well below” the Australian standard limit, “however if you use them with their antennas very close, you can be exposed to much higher exposure levels”.

The Australian Medical Association said the health risks were low but it was best if children did not hold mobile phones directly to their ears.

Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association yesterday said “phone companies don’t claim to be scientific experts so we’d listen to what ARPANSA says”.

Published in the Daily Telegraph, Sydney Australia

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