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Mobile Phone Safety

Mobile Phone Safety

The radiation hazards when using a mobile phone are no secret, with over 20 years of awareness about the associated risks. A mobile phone when in use produces Radio Frequency; a charged field (positive charge) around the phone about the size of a basketball.

20 years ago, our first phone harmonisers were an Orgonium bubble which attached to the back of a phone. These early phone harmonisers were very popular with health practitioners who, way back then, had been performing meridian testing for EMF stress on their clients. This was ahead of its time, even pre-dating the W.H.O. publishing the first findings on the dangers of EMF exposure. Smartphones forced us to change the design and technology of harmonisers in line with protective cases, and so we evolved to today’s flat wafer style phone harmoniser.

Testing such as Kinesiology meridian audits, Bioresonace equipment testing all showed that the phone harmonisers prevented EMF stress on the Chinese meridians. Thermal imagery of a person using a mobile phone to the head also showed the reduction of thermal effect from EMF by using the mobile phone harmoniser.

Today we are debunking some interesting facts about EMF and mobiles with some interesting insights on the world’s most important communication device.


  1. If you are touching a phone without it being in call or using the WIFI function, the phone because it has an electronic circuit in it, is still producing a positive charge, and as soon as you touch the phone you are under EMF stress. The same goes for Personal Trackers and Smart Watches, that generally block the central meridian and, in some cases, can cause the thyroid to go into EMF stress. Our phone harmonisers and watch harmonisers neutralize the positive charge with negative charge frequencies so that when you touch the phone you are not under EMF stress.
  2. When using Bluetooth earpods the phone sends a beam of energy to the earpods which puts the ears and brain under EMF stress. This energy beam also has a positive charge even if the phone is outside the charged field. Using our Mobile Phone Harmonisers on the phone neutralises the beam to the earpods, thus also harmonising the earpods.
  3. Using traditional wired headphones and having your phone as far away from you as possible and not touching any part of the body is still going to cause EMF stress to the ears and brain. This also goes for the air tube headphones which some claim to be less harmful than using wired earphones. However, not so, because the tube, which is a resonant cavity, still amplifies the charge to the ears and brain.
  4. Sound frequency is another form of frequency danger which has been totally overlooked. When you are listening to someone who may be talking rapidly for prolonged periods of time, that persons sound frequency is disharmonious and does also cause extra EMF stress, especially if you’re holding the phone to the ear. When l talk on my mobile phone I always use hands free and put the phone on a desk or table. That way I’m not touching the phone, and the sound frequencies are not going to transfer to the body.
  5. Use a mobile phone harmoniser on transmitting devices. Noxious energy emitting from a mobile phone may cause 'Hot Head Syndrome' when talking for a prolonged period. The most frequent complimentary feedback our customers give us is the relief from the discomfort they once felt when talking on their mobile phone.

Gerard Bini - Inventor Orgone Products