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Is Wi-Fi Harmful To Our Health?

Is Wi-Fi Harmful To Our Health?

While many would say there is no consistent evidence that WiFi routers or WiFi powered devices increase health risk, low-frequency EMF's have been classified as possibly carcinogenic.


Wireless devices have been researched and found to possibly lower sperm count, increase risk of reproductive  problems in women and put children at risk for developmental disorders according to some research. (Ecori News - Public Safety -Feb 25, 2019)


The real danger with Wi-Fi is the actual mobile, tablet,  laptop or device being touched.  When these devices are used in Wi-Fi mode, they have a harmful positive charged field which may extend up to 1 metre around the device.  This may cause considerable EMF stress to the body.


Many people believe they experience EMF stress whenever they enter a building where Wi-Fi is operating.  This concern is often based on whether a person is EMF sensitive or not.  


The  Wi-Fi modem does have a harmful “positive charge” field that extends approximately 2 metres around the modem. Beyond that field,  the Radio Frequency “wave” has no charge, and therefore ceases to cause EMF stress.  


However other forms of EMF such as geopathic stress can still be stressing the body.


The bottom line on Wi-Fi is not to be fearful of using it, just be more mindful and do your own research to find ways to minimise the effects. 


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