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Interview with Dr. Charles Teo, Leading Neurosurgeon in Australia

Interview with Dr. Charles Teo, Leading Neurosurgeon in Australia

“If the question is do I believe that mobile phones can cause brain cancer? The answer is yes, I do.”

– Dr. Charles Teo

Teo also gives this warning: “I’m incredibly worried, concerned, depressed at the number of kids I’m seeing coming in with brain tumours. Recently I have seen nearly half a dozen kids with tumours which really should have been benign and they have all been nasty, malignant brain tumours. We are doing something terribly wrong.”
Cellphone and Brain Tumours – 15 Reasons for Concern. August 25, 2009

The Dangers of Phone Radiation

Mobile phones have become a necessity to most people. Phone companies have made their products an invaluable asset by including more and more applications to assist with communications.

The problem with this is with each application, more radiation exposure is created. The electromagnetic radiation is invisible and therefore any danger to this exposure is dismissed.

Dr Charlie Teo (Head of Neurosurgery at Sydney St. Vincent’s Hospital) and other doctors believe that there is a direct correlation between the use of mobile phones and brain tumours.

Long term exposure effects the body, particularly its electrical organ, the brain, which is compounded by numerous simultaneous exposures of continuous waves from radio, TV transmitter towers, cordless phones, power lines and wireless WI-FI computing devices.

There is a significant and increasing body of evidence, to date at least 8 comprehensive clinical studies internationally and one long-term meta-analysis for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours.

The “incubation time” may be in the order of 10-20 years. In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate length of follow-up time to begin to definitively observe the impact of this global technology on brain tumour incidence rates.

There is enough evidence available to warrant Industry and Governments alike to take immediate steps to reduce exposure of consumers to mobile phone related electromagnetic radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of the potential dangers and how to use this technology sensibly and safely.

The public health ramifications could be similar, if not greater than asbestos and smoking and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation.

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