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How Is The Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser Tested?

How Is The Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser Tested?

As the Geoclense is an EMF Harmoniser, it cannot be tested with a Gauss meter or a radio frequency meter.

All testing of the Geoclense is done with traditional energy measuring tools such as the Biotensor (Josef Oberbach) and Lecher Antenna (Ernst Lecher).  These are proven traditional building biology scientific instruments, designed to measure the effect of EMR on the human body against a known radiation field.

Because the Geoclense is all about neutralizing and harmonizing the effect of EMF on the human body, the Geoclense can also be tested using proven scientific methods such as Kinesiology, and diagnostic equipment such as Bioresonance, Biofeedback and GDV Kirlian Photography.

These testing methods consistently, and across a wide range of experienced practitioners worldwide, show the 100% effectiveness of the Geoclense in its ability to neutralize radiation and prevent resonant stress on organs and meridians caused by the presence of harmful radiation.

Some practitioners believe that after using a Geoclense for more than a month, the EMF imprinting that was previously in the body, completely disappears.

It is a known fact that Bioresonance practitioners will start a treatment by checking and then clearing the EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting in the body.  They also observe that there is generally no EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting with those clients who have been using a Geoclense already in their home and workplace

An independent Lecher Antenna test in a building AFTER a Geoclense installation: –

Independent Lecher Antenna testingBy inserting the Geoclense and measuring with the Lecher antenna (pictured on right), it is possible to reach the following frequencies:

The Five Harmonies:
Rating and measuring higher life energy (In houses)
2,5 Hz : Cellular (Can find it everywhere)
8 Hz : Earth or Telluric Energy (Can find it only in 20% of the houses)
12 Hz : Cosmic or Heaven Energy (Can find it only in 10% of the houses)
15,3 Hz : Electromagnetic Synergy (Can find it only in churches)
17,6 Hz : Global Synergy (Can find it only in churches or cathedrals)
With the Geoclense:  2,5 – 8 – 12 – 15,3 – 17.6Hz = 100% …which equates to healthy, positive energy free of EMF, RF and Geopathic stress interference.

An Independent GDV Kirlian Photography Test: –

Image on left is without harmonywear Pendant and right with Harmonywear Pendant
GDV Kirlian Photography of the human energy
field without a Geoclense (left), and with the
Geoclense (right).

         Kirlian Images of Tap water

 Independent GDV Kirlian Photography testing in a 50 level Building in Melbourne: –

The initial GDV test on the subject person was performed without a Geoclense operating and showed possible resonant stress from the radiation in the building on the residents heart, spleen, stomach and pancreas.

GDV testing after the Geoclense was installed showed a measurable increase in their heart, stomach, spleen and pancreas organ energy levels, indicating that the Geoclense may have successfully neutralized the resonant stress on those organs.  Testing with GDV Photography with and without the Geoclense operating was repeated several times that afternoon and consistently demonstrated the same results.

Comparative Testing: –

What’s the difference between the Geoclense and other products on the market i.e. Scalar devices, Earthing products and Orgonite?

Scalar Electronic Harmonisers: –
Scalar electronic harmonisers are only effective against electrical EMF and not against Digital TV’s, Wi/Fi, and Bioplasmic and Earth Radiation which are the bigger EMF dangers in our houses and workplaces.

Earthing/Grounding Products: –
Having a Geoclense installed enables earthing or grounding products to be safe to use. The Geoclense ensures that the correct frequency is taken into the earthing/grounding products so you won’t be exposed to unhealthy frequencies which could cause unwanted stress on your organs. This is especially significant if you are using a grounding sheet to sleep on.

Orgonite Products: –
Orgonium, manufactured by Orgone Effects Australia, is not orgonite, as it does not contain dirty ingredients such as metals and toxic resins.  Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin.  Orgonite is bipolar in its frequencies and generally looks pretty, however when tested with traditional building biology tools such as the Biosensor, Lecher Antenna, Kinesiology protocols and Bioresonance etc., they shown no EMF neutralising effects, and if anything, may show harmful effects on the human body.

The Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser is programmed to harmoniser your entire home no matter the size as it the frequency travels through the wiring and does not use any electricity even though the plug is turned on.

Gerard Bini - Founder OEA