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Home EMF Radiation Protection - Does It Work?

Home EMF Radiation Protection - Does It Work?

Geoclense Orgone Home Harmoniser 

The Orgone Home Harmoniser, known as the Geoclense is an “engineered man-made smart crystal technology device”. It is programmed to neutralise the different types of EMF energy that technical, electrical and planetary's fields emit. 

The Home Harmoniser was developed 20 years ago by Australian, Building Biologist Gerard Bini. It was his second invention after the Orgone Mobile Harmoniser. He again explored William Reich’s discovery of being able to replicate Orgone energy. He continued to be fascinated by Reich’s ground breaking work which observed that neutral energy force was tremendously powerful and able to neutralise many negative forms of energy.

Bini combined this principle with his own knowledge of man-made crystal development, building biology and intuitive energy reading skills to produce the amazing Geoclense for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, workshops, shopping centres etc.

How Does Orgone Home Harmoniser Work?

This plug in device uses no power, however it connects with the wiring behind the wall and the frequency is carried throughout the entire space via the electrical system. It has the ability to harmonise EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi, RF, 5G, 4G, geopathic stress, solar flares and other toxic frequencies while balancing the human energy field.

It does this by dominating the electrical system with a healthy negative charge resonance so that the subsequent unhealthy positive charge resonance of these EMF fields is harmonised into a negative charge frequency which is in harmony with the human bio-field, thus neutralising any electromagnetic stress on the body.

How Does the Harmonisation Get In To The Geoclense?

The actual Orgone harmonisation process currently has a patent pending.  However basically it works with radionics, codes, energetics and programming whereby specific frequencies are matched to positive energy charges thus transmuting them into a healthy negative charge.

The Size & Design

The Orgone Home Harmoniser has been designed to be a portable plug in device that can remain connected to any power point in your home or taken with you when you travel. While it looks like a lump of soap it is actually made of non-toxic resin as it is the most stable material to hold the Orgone frequency. Overtime the resin may discolour however the potency and frequency cannot be reduced or removed once infused. This is why the Home Harmoniser lasts forever.

Why Do I need a Home Harmoniser?

In our homes we are subjected to a constant overload of toxic energy from technology, electrical devices, WIFI, earth radiation in the form of fissures, water veins and earth magnetic grid lines which causes geopathic stress in the body’s vital organs. Also environmental hazards such as high solar winds and solar flares can cause an increase in earth radiation. Our body’s organs are working overtime to eliminate these toxic energies. If the body is having difficulty with this the likely health effects are headaches, sleeplessness, dizziness, stress, and inability to recover from illnesses.

How Do I Know It Works?

The Home Harmoniser does not have a red light for you to know it is working.  Because it is a “engineered man-made smart crystal technology device” it is completely natural, just like a crystal quartz, and does not rely on electricity to carry the energetic properties. If you are sensitive you may feel it working immediately. We often have customers informing us of the phenomenal instant results they experienced after plugging in the Geoclense. Others simply feel a subtle yet highly effective shift in their wellbeing and often improvement with specific health issues.  

How is the Effectiveness Measured?

The Home Harmoniser is not measured with a gauss meter which only shows where the EMF fields are. Gauss meters also do not measure the effects on the human body. When you have blocking or shielding EMF protection products that show they are effective with a gauss meter the shielding for EMF does not stop the positive charge field from travelling through the shielding and therefore there can still be stress on the human body.

That is why the Orgone Home Harmoniser is measured with bio resonance feedback equipment, Kinesiology, Mora or Bicom Bioresonance medical diagnostic equipment, Kirlian photography and an instrument called Biotensor. These tools use the body to measure the EMF effects on its own biological system. This is why so many kinesiologists use and endorse Orgone products as they can directly measure the effects on the body when harmonisation is present and when it is not.

Skeptic groups and blocking/shielding devices will endeavour to use the gauss meter to portray Orgone energy as not effective. You may even see these posts on the internet. Do your own unbiased investigations. The Orgone products effectiveness is not measured with a gauss meter and those who understand energy acknowledge this fact.

The Benefits of Orgone Home Harmoniser

  • Protection (from EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi, 5G and much more...)
  • Vitality
  • Balance
  • Healthier
  • Improved Sleep
  • Less Stress/Anxiety
  • Greater Intuition

What Will It Harmonise In My Home?

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser is unique, being the only one of its kind to potentially harmonise over 30 different forms of harmful, noxious EMF emissions:

✓Digital TVs
✓Smart Meters
✓Baby Monitors
✓Microwave Ovens
✓Bluetooth Devices
✓Laptops and Tablets
✓Fluorescent Lighting
✓Electrical Appliances
✓Solar Panel Inverters
✓Mobile Phone Towers
✓High-Voltage Power Lines
✓4G & 5G Tower Emissions
✓Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
✓Cordless and Mobile Phones
✓Artificial Heating and Cooling
✓Discordant energies from Vaulted Ceilings
✓Out-gassing from floors, paint, carpets etc.
✓Noxious Resonance from Mould and Fungus

Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

✓Earth Fissures
✓Seismic Fault Lines
✓Underground Water Veins
✓Radioactive Geological Matter (Uranium and Coal)
✓Drinking Water, Sewer, Storm and Gray Water Pipes
✓Hartman, Curry, Benker & 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…

✓Juvenile emotional stress
✓Illnesses and diseased organs
✓Previous occupants’ emotional distress
✓Negative psychic impressions/Psychic attacks
✓Death imprints/”Paranormal” Activity

Solar & Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…

✓Planetary Retrograde influences
✓Beta Gamma from X, C & M-class Solar Flares/Solar Winds
✓Beta Gamma Radiation from Cygnus X3 (for people in the Northern Hemisphere)

Additional “unique” features of the Geoclense: 

✓The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonise to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties. There is no limit to the size of the property. This means that not only is your home protected, but your property grounds and animal life as well.

✓The Geoclense neutralises all Earth Radiation. Fruit and vegetables grown on a property will not be imprinted by radioactive minerals in the soil.

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