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Business Environmental Awareness

Business Environmental Awareness

Do you have a healthy business practice?

If you work with people to help them become better mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually, have you considered the environment you consult in?

Often there are computers, mobiles, tablets and other technical and electrical devices in the room. Sometimes there are other people sharing the space. Also if your practice is situated in a large building, each business in that building carries technology and other noxious energies.

This is where the Geoclense Home & Work Harmoniser is so effective in harmonising any toxic positive energy into negative ions for  you and your client to effectively work.

Negative ions are natural, just like the ocean and mountains so you are providing a clean, fresh, clear environmentally friendly space where amazing healing can occur.

You may also want to consider our beautiful Orgone Ionic Blankets to put over or under your clients as this increases the harmonisation and nurtures while the treatment is taking place.