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Baby Care - What You Need To Know

Baby Care - What You Need To Know

New Mums have a very busy life and the focus is always on the health and wellbeing of their baby.  Amongst the maze of do's and dont's around your baby, this is just another one to be aware of. Be mindful of where you have your mobile phone, laptop or tablet while near your baby, particularly when they are in the pram.  It is best not to place your mobile or any electronic device in the back pocket near the baby's head or anywhere too close to them.

Did you know baby monitors carry an electromagnetic radiation field? They are similar to cordless phones whereby you have the base station and the hand-held phone. With the baby monitor you leave the remote in the baby's room while you have the base station with you. This sets up a toxic positive field that could be potentially harmful just like the remote phone.

The Orgone mobile harmoniser carries a frequency that harmonises this positive field into a negative field which is like nature and creates a safe environment of approximately 10 meters around the device. The mobile harmonisers are also used for all types of mobile phones, cordless phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, portable Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wi-Fi modems.

It is not to be fearful, just aware of the effects electromagnetic radiation may have on our body. It is the toxic EMR emitted from mobile phones, baby monitors and other devices while in use, or when placed in a pocket, handbag or in a room, that may create electromagnetic stress on the vital life-energy of human organs and meridian channels.

The Mobile Harmoniser is simply place on the base station of the baby monitor or remote phone, underneath the cover of your mobile phone or near the power outlet on your laptop, tablet, and Wi-Fi modems. The harmoniser will last forever and you can transfer it whenever you upgrade devices.

Available on SPECIAL as a single harmoniser for $29 (rrp $33) or a pack of 5 for $116 (rrp $165)