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Is 5G Safe? Real Facts on 5G

Is 5G Safe? Real Facts on 5G

"5G street lights began being installed by councils a few years ago and are now already active in most capital cities and regional areas such as Geelong, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Byron Bay just to name a few suburbs." G. Bini
Gerard Bini, Founder of Orgone Effects Australia, international  building biologist, and medical intuitive gives a  real perspective of 5G for people to understand and  how it may affect their lives.

1. Contrary to what most people think, 5G is installed in LED street light antennas, not on towers like 4G. The 5G street lights are as close as 30 meters apart in suburban streets, as compared to 4G towers which may be as far as 1km apart.

2. 5G street lights began being installed by councils a few years ago and are now already active in most capital cities and regional cities such as Geelong, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach and Byron Bay for example. We know this because we can detect the unique 5G energy signature with Google Earth and have been conducting daily 5G rollout surveys monitoring the progress across Australia and Internationally.

3. 4G towers create a harmful EMF positive charge only up to 50 meters away from the actual tower, whereas with 5G, the same harmful EMF charge is created throughout the entire designated 5G radiation zone.

4. The harmful 5G charge doesn’t travel horizontally through the air, but mostly vertically, coming up and out of the ground to approximately 1.5 meters in height. All buildings, which are resonant cavities (an enclosed cavity with an existing hollow space where frequency waves exist) are “engulfed” by the 5G charge throughout the entire building.  Thus, there is no space in the entire building, no matter what level you are on, where there is no EMF charge from 5G radiation.  When you’re outside, the charge from 5G comes up out of the ground approximately 1.5 meters.

5. 5G “knocks out” all naturally occurring radiant healthy Ley Line Grids. Ley Lines are earth energy lines which have a healthy negative charge and are what we call ‘radiant’, which is the opposite to radiation which has a harmful positive charge.  

We know of 2 types of Ley Line grids; one is 180 meters apart and is around 16 meters wide, and the other is 25 km apart and is 70 meters wide. If you live in a house with one of these healthy Ley Line Grids running through it, chances are that your physical and emotional health will be good because of the Ley Line’s healthy life-giving energy. People who are living on these Ley Line grids will notice the disturbance to their house’s energy caused by 5G when it becomes active in their area, most noticeably if they are tuned into energies or are very sensitive.

6. 5G “activates” an unhealthy Earth Grid which is usually only activated by: –
–  High Solar Winds
–  Strong human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation caused by deaths on a property (Death imprint)
–  Mercury in Retrograde from the stronger pre-shadow phase to the stronger post-shadow phase.

This Earth Magnetic Grid is 70 meters apart and 2 meters wide, and as it rises in elevation, it becomes wider. It does cause a lot of Geopathic stress in the body, and scientific research shows that Geopathic stress may be the cause of some cancers. When we don’t have 5G, this grid is not active at all.

7. The 5G radiation charge will affect mental and physical health, just like Earth Radiation which causes Geopathic stress.

Should the EMF charge affect your adrenals, thyroid, liver or stomach, then there will be hormone interference especially with the ‘Happy Hormones and ‘Happy Neurotransmitters’ such as Cannabinoid receptors, Anandamide, Somatostatin etc., which can change a person’s mood and even their personality, for the worse.  And, regardless of what organ is under EMF stress, there will be an energetic reduction in meridian energy, thus weakening those affected organs.

8. Bodies of water such as lakes and rivers which normally have a healthy negative charge which is part of their beauty and attraction will also energetically be interfered with by 5G.

9. The planetary flow of energy, which flows from east to west and north to south in the day time, is also disturbed by 5G.

The Yogis of India knew to face east when you meditate. However, the planetary flow is interfered with by 5G radiation and it reverses, making us more susceptible to emotional distress especially for those who are emotionally and energy sensitive.

10. FACT: 5G radiation in a building or for a person CAN be neutralised by employing radiation harmonisers. The Geoclense, Home Harmoniser is radiation harmoniser developed to neutralize all sources of unhealthy positive charged fields we encounter in buildings.
How do you test a harmoniser in a 5G environment? We use many methods such as Kinesiology, a Bioresonance device, a Biotensor or Lecher Antenna tool which all follow the same or similar testing process: –
First, a meridian audit is undertaken. This meridian audit can be done inside a building or outside where the 5G charge also exists. The first audit shows a low percentage of points with the correct polarity. This indicates that the meridian system was being burdened by the 5G radiation.

Then, the Geclense plugged into a power point and the meridian audit is conducted again.
The second meridian audit shows that there is a far greater percentage of meridian points with the “correct” polarity. This equates to the fact that the 5G radiation field has been neutralised, and the meridian system is now no longer under any 5G radiation stress.

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