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Strange Humming Noise

Strange Humming Noise

Excerpt Gerard Bini Blog – Inventor Orgone Energy Aust. 
For many years now thousands of people, around the world including myself, have been hearing a strange humming noise, especially at night-time.
I started to hear it around 2008, and initially thought it was coming from a truck in the distance, running at idle.
I continued to experience it in a number of houses, all the way through to country NSW, l started to begin to feel that this ‘idling truck’ sound was not something l was imagining, or the truck was following me around, but there was much more to it.
Then as time went by with my Building Biology consultancy work, I started to receive many emails and phone calls from people who were also hearing this sound.
In many households only one or two people out of five were able to hear the hum, in fact my research found that generally only about 2% of the population could hear it. Those who couldn’t hear the hum would chastise those who could labelling it as Tinnitus, or even madness or feigning imagination.
I had some customers who, after moving into a new home, had begun to hear the hum so loudly they felt they were going crazy and were becoming desperate to leave their new abode. Some people thought that a harmoniser like the Geoclense, Home Harmoniser would fix the humming sound, relating it to Geopathic Stress, which wasn’t the case.
The hum continued to come and go randomly. I live a in a two-storey weatherboard house with predominantly timber floors, the house was like a big speaker, the hum so loud at times, I could hear it outside as well.
If you Google strange humming noise there are a number of websites giving what they thought, were plausible reasons for the hum: large industrial sites, a possible shift in the earth’s core, high voltage power lines (which is possible however a different type of hum),  back ground noise pollution from nearby traffic, HAARP ( High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programs), large ocean waves crashing reverberating against the ocean floor, etc.
I am going to share some of the unexpected research findings from the studies I have conducted over time about this hum. 
I have spoken and written a blog about what happens when Mercury goes retrograde before, about how it generates a Geoelectric current through the ground on a planetary scale, and the resultant earth radiation emanating out of the ground sometimes has extended as far as 6 meters above the ground. 5G in streetlight networks do the same thing, however only 1.5 meters about the ground.
Often on the first week of Mercury retrograde there is no Geoelectric current effect. However, this has started to change. Something else may be occurring as well. 
Then the penny dropped. Could the hum be caused by Geoelectric currents through the earth’s crust when on a planetary scale, caused by retrogrades, and also extremely high solar winds? The hum is inconsistent. We have had some days or periods of many hours where there is no Geoelectric current and guess what… no hum!
So, what can we do in our homes when this occurs?
Having a Geoclense or a Stellar Dome, when the hum is occurring, will harmonise the resultant Earth radiation caused by Geopathic stress in the body. If there is a hum, then it is almost guaranteed to be, a Geoelectric current. However, it will not stop the hum.
Some other suggestions are:
  • Connect to a bigger picture around the hum as if you were expanding and relax
  • Awareness is the key to life. Realising it is a symptom of nature and not to be feared
  • Just accept it for what it is, a planetary phenomenon and play some beautiful music
I will continue to monitor the hum in conjunction with Geoelectric currents and will hopefully have some more statistical information in the future. Maybe l am wrong, however so far, the rule of thumb seems to be, no planetary Geoelectric current caused by planetary/Astrological events and/or high solar winds of around 500Km/second and above, then no hum. Geoelectric currents planetary and the hum returns.