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Our radiation protection products have been researched, independently tested and measured for their effectiveness against the harmful effects of EMF, EMR, 4G, 5G, Wifi, Geopathic Stress and over 30 toxic energies.

Our pricing and servicing is the best you will find as it is important to us to make these essential health devices available to all.

We care about you and your family.


explore our energy products that improve health & wellbeing

Independently tested & affordable #1 Product for EMF, EMR, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Geopathic Stress + 30 other types of harmful radiation fields.

Our products are health practitioner approved using Orgonium Technology, which has been researched & developed in Australia for over 20 years.

Our family business has been at the forefront of Health & EMR energy products for over 10 years and would be happy to be of service to you whether on-line or by phone.

Symptoms that can occur from radiation exposure - Mobile Harmonisers Special $29 (rrp $35)

  • • Nausea, headaches and other physical discomfort
  • • Hot ear or tingly hands and arms from mobile phones
  • • Trouble concentrating and foggy brain
  • • Lethargy and fatigue
  • • Sleeping difficulties
  • • Electro-Hypersensitivity
  • • Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety and anger
  • There are over 30 EMF (also known as EMR, Electromagnetic Radiation) fields we can be exposed to that not only negatively impacts physical health it also affects emotional wellbeing.

    Contains Ley Line energy (a radiant, healthy earth radiation Grid Line) that creates a healthy radiance. Excellent for harmonising toxic mould energy.

    Harmonising Solutions for radiation stress

    EMF can effect our meridians, organs, glands, hormones and emotional states.

    Our extensive range of health practitioner approved EMF harmonising products neutralise the harmful effects of all forms of noxious energy emissions.

    Our products are sold to more than 20 countries and recommended by accredited Kinesiologists worldwide.

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    Orgone Stellar Pendant - Our research shows that this Pendant offers protection from EMR, Wi-Fi, 5G and other toxic energies for up to 8 meters around the wearer.

    Orgone Stellar Pendant & Ener-Band Help With Immunisation Challenges

    Gerard Bini, Inventor of Orgone Products has discovered that by wearing a Stellar Pendant or Ener-band the frequency contained within will harmonise the effects from those who have, or have not be immunised. This effect is called "shedding". (Read more in blog).

    The Stellar Pendant has undergone a unique infusion process which gives the pendant a negative charge frequency.

    EMF has a positive charge, the infusion has a negative charge the former being the harmful component of any EMF field. The negative charge balances the positive charge which then neutralises any EMF stress in the body.

    Our testing showed that the Stellar Pendant offered protection for up to 8 meters around the wearer. The Stellar Pendant is suitable for both children and adults. Wearing the Stellar Pendant™ may have a supportive and strengthening effect on our energy bodies, meridian system and vital organs which are weakened by the various harmful EMR fields we are exposed to on a daily basis.

    On Special $49 (rrp $59)

    Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser covers your entire home and also helps the immune system.

    On Special $175 (rrp $198)


    Orgone Stellar Dome Violet Flame Now In Hilton Hotel!

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