Orgone Energy Reading


Friday March 24 – One Day Workshop

Introduction to Intuitive Building Biology with Gerard Bini
9.00 – 3.30 – Villa Noosa Hotel – Call 0417451904 to register.

Don’t miss this highly informative and interactive day where you will learn how to develop your body sensing and intuitive skills to read Electromagnetic Energy, Radio Frequency, Geopathic Stress and Paranormal Energy Fields. You will start to understand how energy operates, and then, how to successfully manage yourself and family for better wellbeing.

As part of this workshop Gerard will also teach you how to use dowsing rods to give you indicators of what is happening energetically.  You may find you have a natural ability in this area and want to further develop these skills.

We are all affected by electromagnetic radiation and other noxious energies which compromise our health and well-being. As part of this workshop Gerard will conduct remote energy readings via Google Earth on your home enabling you to learn more about the energetics of your home and how to create a  healthier environment.

As part of the workshop cost you will receive these products:

  • Geoclense Home Harmoniser
  • Mobile Phone Harmoniser
  • Divining Rods
  • Training Certificate
  • Light Refreshments

ALL INCLUSIVE COST:    $295.00 (Includes over $200 worth of product as shown above – If you already have a Geoclense the cost will be $180.)

If you are interested in attending this workshop send email to or purchase Workshop through the EMR product category.




Numbers to this workshop are limited. We will be in contact with your registration form.

Call Jilly Gabrielson 0417451904 for further information.