geopathic stress diagram

Diagram of House with Geopathic Stress

Quote Gerard Bini – Founder of Orgone Effects Australia

Geopathic Stress is the lowering of the of the earths magnetic grids Ley Lines and underground water veins energetic status to a point that they create unhealthy bands and fields of Positive Ion.  This occurs to a point that it creates distress and disease  in people and animals. The earth’s major magnetic grids known as the Benker, 170metre, 250 metre and 400 metre grids create healthy Negative Ion which is energetically harmonious to people in natural surroundings.

However, their energetic state deteriorates to a point that is dangerous to human health when a building is constructed above them, or if the land is poisoned by fertilizers, land fill ot radioactive matter such as volcanic rock.

Beker Grids, which are 1100mm wide are especially dangerous to health  when combined with dangerous levels of  Electromagnetic Radiation. They become a danger to human health if too much time is spend over them (sleeping in bed) thus leading to physical and or mental health problems.

 Symptoms of being affected by Geopathic Stress  are disrupted sleep, waking up feeling drained rather than rejuvenated or feeling nauseous or depleted of energy  while sitting in a particular place.  A great percentage of people are sensitive to Geopathic Stress, and once identified its debilitating effect can  very easily be felt.

 Geopathic Stress is also caused by fault lines and fissures known as fault zones, which occur with the rising and falling of the earths crust.  This causes a lower than normal vibrational rate, which can  also create severe physical and mental states in the human body.

The Geopathic Stress caused by fault zones  lowers Melatonin levels creating mental instability,  which in turn  may leads to depression related problems such as alcohol or drug problems.”

Gerard Bini is a leading geomancer, medical intuitive and sick building expert having worked in this field for the past 20 years.  He is also the inventor of the Geoclense Home Harmoniser and the entire range of Orgone Products.

He advises that the Geoclense Home Harmoniser is guaranteed to turn Sick buildings into healthy buildings, thus making people healthier, happier and more in tune with themselves and their surroundings.