The Effects Of EMR On Our Health – TALK – NOOSA

The inventor or Orgone Products, Gerard Bini will be talking about the different types of electromagnetic radiation energy found in our homes as well as other energies found under the ground where your house is built. He will also be conducting free Google Earth readings that will specifically look at your home and what energies are at play.
EMR & The Effects On Our Health Talk (Complimentary)
Tuesday May 1 – Wallace House – NOOSA – 2.00-3.30pm
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Gerard Bini – Orgone Inventor, Bio Resonance Practitioner and Medical Intuitive.
geopathic stress diagram

Geopathic Stress Energy Diagram

Your Home Could Be The Cause For Health Issues!

Don’t miss this highly informative talk by leading Geomancer, Gerard Bini.  You will hear about the way different energies are affecting our bodies and what can be done to alleviate this.

He will demonstrate how to feel the energies of Electromagnetic Radiation, Radio Frequency, Geopathic Stress and Paranormal Energy Fields.  You will learn how to successfully manage yourself and family for better wellbeing.

Complimentary Personal Home Readings on Google Earth are available when you attend this talk.  Find out the specifics of what is happening energetically where you live and the effect it may be having on your health.



May (2019) – 1 day Workshop – Advanced Sick Building Energetic Course (preferable to have completed Basic Sick Building Energetic Workshop with Gerard Bini)

May (2019) – EMR & The Effects On Our Health Talk (Complimentary) – Awareness Institute Sydney – 1/20 Clarke Street, Crows Nest

10.30 – 12.00

Bookings – Call Jilly on 0417 451 904 if you are interested.