Orgone School EMR Protection



Orgone School EMR Protection



1 x Harmonised Ionic Pendant | 1 x Mobile Phone Harmoniser

Ionic Pendant normally $44
Phone Harmoniser normally $27.50


Orgone School EMR/WI-FI Protection For Your  Children

The Harmonised Ionic Pendant is a personal protection tool infused with negative ions to create a harmonising field of 10 metres around your body. Can be worn all the time and is waterproof.  Many children are hyper-sensitive and this manifests in many different symptoms.  This pendant helps to harmonise the stress on the body’s organs which  can help  the wearer to relax..

The Mobile Phone Harmoniser will help harmonise all the electromagnetic radiation coming from your child’s mobile phone whether they are at school or home. It is essential children have protective devices on their mobiles to protect their developing brain and internal organs.

For detailed product description, visit the individual product pages below:
Orgone Harmonised Ionic Pendant
Orgone Harmoniser – Mobile Phone



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