Percy’s Mineral Powder


Percy’s Mineral Powder


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Helps Flushing Out Harmful Toxins in The Body

Acid build-up in the tissues causes infection and chronic fatigue.

Percy’s Powder mineral salts are sulphates, and each of the salts in Percy’s Powder dissociates in water into ions. These are groups of atoms that the body can use immediately wherever they are needed. Sulphate disinfects the blood, resists bacteria and detoxifies.

Although we endeavor to eat fresh healthy food, the soil our food is grown in does not contain enough minerals to balance the acid minerals caused by chemical fertilization. Percy’s Powder contains a uniquely balanced mineral formula to counteract the effects of toxic overload.

To read about the inspirational development of Percy’s Powder, you may be interested in reading Cancer: Cause & Cure.

CONTENTS: 60 x 1.4g sachets


Our bodies were not created to ingest foods with preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavours, chemical fertilisers, pesticides or hormones.

Our body has naturally occurring systems that all work in harmony with each other when they are looked after. Eating natural food and drinking quality water are the keys to creating a healthy functioning body.

Percy Weston found himself at 31 in the prime of his life burnt out, drained of energy and suffering from anemia.

He wondered if his typical Australian diet of porridge, bacon, eggs, meats, bread, beans, pork, rice, potatoes and tomatoes contained a greater abundance of acid minerals such as phosphorus and chlorine than alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. He wondered, was this constant diet making his body too acidic to function properly?

He suspected his growing the vegetables in a field that he regularly fertilized with super-phosphate had made matters worse. He knew from his field experiments that “constant use of super-soluble phosphatic fertilisers could skew the take-up minerals and trace elements in food crops, producing mineral-poor foods, (as he has written in his book Cancer: Cause & Cure).

Percy Weston made a full and rapid recovery by switching to a set of foods with an abundant alkaline minerals, including fruits and vegetable from his father’s organic orchard. He became convinced of the need to formulate a cellular dietary supplement to neutralize acids in the body to make up for imbalances of minerals in the food chain.

When agricultural chemicals flooded on to the market and he was advised by the “experts” to use them. He did so as he had problems with insect infestation and animal mortality. The whole district Percy lived in started to have increased cases of cancer and eventually Percy also came down with cancer.

Self-reliance was the name of the game, as he had few financial resources and felt he could no longer trust the scientific community, he cured himself with diet and the mineral powder.

Percy saw from nature what man was doing wrong and provided a practical and affordable way to check disease and maintain wellness. He developed his mineral powder to counteract the quality of the soil any vegetable or fruit has been grown in by presenting key electrolytes in exact ratios of bio-available sulphates in his powder.

Simply take a powder sachet stirred into a glass of cold water with the juice of half a lemon. This powder will help to maintain a balanced and healthy body.

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  1. Jilly Gabrielson

    I want to thank you for informing me about Percy’s Powder. After a couple of days I could really feel the difference. I had more energy, vitality and just felt good. I didn’t realise my mineral intake was so low and that my health was being affected.
    Robert – Farmer Gympie

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