Orgone Value Pack

$666.00 $566.00

Orgone Value Pack
Orgone Ionic Pendants
Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser
Orgone Car Harmoniser

Orgone Value Pack

$666.00 $566.00

Orgone Value Pack

2 x Geoclense (Home/Office), 2 x Car Harmonisers, 4 x Mobile Harmoniser, 4 x Pendants (Blue,Pink,Green,Purple)

Orgone Geoclense Home Harmonser is a Solid State Negative Charge Generator which balances Positive Ions. You can use one for your entire home and take the other to work so you are alwyas in a negative ion environment where your immune system is not stressed with emr, wi-fi and other technologial energies. Postive Ions are a noxious, unhealthy energy that is naturally created when current passes through the electrical circuit (otherwise known as EMR, EMF, Wi-Fi, 5G, Geopathic Stress and other noxious energies).

Orgone Car Harmoniser is a totally portable Electromagnetic Radiation neutraliser which eliminates all noxious EMR energies caused by the cars electrical system and the fuel tank. Also eliminates the depleting effects of outside noxious energies such as Earth Magnetic Grid lines while driving.

Orgone Mobile Harmoniser will help harmonise electromagnetic radiation being emitted from mobile phones and other devices. It is essential all family members have protective harmonisers on their mobiles to protect their brain and internal organs. Prevention is far better than cure.

Orgone Ionic Pendant is an energetic tool that creates a harmonising field of Negative Ion around the body to support and balance our magnetic field and aura. It offers protection from energy depleting Positive Ion influences created by aspects of our environment and technology.

Look after your family and loved ones with the best value you will find on Orgone 5G Protection Products!


Orgone Product Testimonial

I would like to give a testimonial that the Geoclense has changed my life and health and that of many of my clients.

As a NES Health Practitioner, I have a scan that shows up EMF Radiation and it has clearly showed up Smart Meter and Wi-Fi radiation as well as Geopathic stress.

After putting a Geoclense in the house, the radiation has disappeared and people’s health has improved.  Their headaches have disappeared and they are sleeping better and their general, overall health has improved.  Feedback from the Geoclense has been that the whole house has seemed to calm down and that even neighbours seem to be better as well.

I, myself, have always been sensitive to EMF radiation and other unseen energies and I now feel like my house and workplace are very protected.  I am not as tired or drained of energy as I used to be.  I also take a Geoclense away with me when I stay at motels and find that the atmosphere is clearer, I sleep better and I never get sick when I travel anymore.

This a product that really works and I could not live without mine.

Jan Smith

Bioresonance NES Health Practitioner, Holistic Healing Tree