Orgone Space Clearing Dome

$88.00 $80.00


Orgone Space Clearing Dome

$88.00 $80.00

Orgone Space Clearing Dome – Schumann Generator

SAVE 10% –  Create an environment free from unhealthy EMR/EMF with the Schumann Generator Space Clearing Dome. Transform those noxious energies in your home or office and live a healthier life.

The Orgone Space Clearing Dome measures 7.5cm in diameter and is a great alternative for anyone not requiring the coverage that the Geoclense Home Harmoniser offers.  The Space Clearing Dome is ideal for a 1-2 bedroom unit, caravan or any work environment.

orgone space clearing dome on filing cabinet

The Orgone Space Clearing Dome is made from a formulation called Orgonium, trademark of OEA (Orgone Effects Australia), and an energetic infusion process exclusive to OEA. Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin, which is frequency infused with a Negative Ion like vibrational resonance in its manufacturing stage enabling the Space Clearing Dome to balance/harmonise all noxious energies in the unit or office.

orgone space clearing dome

Orgone Space Clearing Dome – (Schumann Generator)

When there is Geopathic Stress in a building the body’s nervous system is put under stress and oxygen levels are depleted.  The danger with this is that it can lead to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system which could develop into illness.

Having the Space Clearing Dome (Schumann Generator) instantly restores and corrects oxygen levels.  Within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer and the well-being of the occupants restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment.

Although not quite as powerful as the Geoclense Home Harmoniser, the Space Clearing Dome harmonises all noxious energies emitted from appliances connected to the electrical circuit.  Because EMR is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Curry, Hartman, Benker and 400 metre Grid Lines, Geopathic Stress is also completely harmonised within the building with the Space Clearing Dome operating.

Geopathic Stress within a building places our nervous system under stress which may then lead to unhealthy cell growth, mental instability and a compromised immune system.  These noxious energies also deplete the Oxygen levels within a building which can make occupants feel tired and lethargic.

How to Use the Space Clearing Dome

To activate the Schumann Generator Space Clearing Dome, place it on a hard surface such as a fridge, filing cabinet or hard surface floor.  The disk is not as effective if placed on a soft surface such as carpet or rugs.

Size:          7.5cm

Material:  Orgone Energy Infused into Resin