Orgone Ionic Bracelet – Rose Quartz

$39.00 $35.00


Orgone Ionic Bracelet – Rose Quartz

$39.00 $35.00

orgone rose quartz bracelet

Orgone Harmonised Rose Quartz Bracelet

This bracelet is a personal protection tool that creates a harmonising field of Negative Ion around your body to support and balance your own electromagnetic fields. It offers protection from energy depleting Positive Ion influences created by aspects of the environment, seen or unseen for up to 10 metres around the wearer.

Protects against energies such as EMR, Radio Frequency, WIFI, Geopathic Stress, Earth Radiation, Psychic and other noxious frequencies.

Rose Quartz carries the qualities of  Love, Self Esteem & Compassion. It enhances all forms of love including self-love, romantic love and family love.
This beautiful stone brings inner warmth and lowers stress.

The Orgone Ionic bracelet is energetically superior as it does not have a negative polarity, and is programmed with SANIT (Stand Alone Negative Ion technology). This allows the bracelet to create a balancing field of up to 10 metres around the bracelet.

The Kirlian Photography below shows the positive effects of the Orgone products on the Aura.

GDV Images

By wearing the Orgone Bracelet your energy levels are increased due to the supportive effect the pendant has on our vital organs which are weakened by various EMF fields