Orgone Healthy Travel Pack

$319.00 $269.00

Orgone Health Pack
Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser
Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser
Orgone Ionic Pendants
Orgone Harmonised Energy Plates

Orgone Healthy Travel Pack

$319.00 $269.00

Orgone Healthy Travel Pack

1 x Geoclense | 1 x Aircraft Harmoniser | 1 x Food & Water Energizer | 1 x Harmonised Ionic Pendant SAVE $50!

We are all travelling more and the most important thing when we travel is to keep healthy and secure.  This Orgone Health Pack allows you to ionise all food and drink by placing it on the ionised plate for 30seconds.  The aircraft and hotel room can be  ionised with the Aircraft Harmoniser and Geoclense Harmorniser and for additonal protection the personal ionic pendant will keep you in a constant negative ion environment.  The energy of negative ions is that of nature and the healthiest environment for our existence.

The Geoclense will keep your hotel room fresh and free of noxious energy. Simply plug in directly to the powerpoint or in to an adaptor.  This device covers EMF, EMR, 5G and other toxic energies.

The Aircraft Harmoniser converts the overwhelming positive ion noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin to healthy negative ions. It helps to ease breathing, alleviate travel sickness and energise the body.

The Food & Water Energiser (small disc) is designed as a tool to infuse life force energy (negative ions) into water and food which improves the taste and hydration qualities.

The Harmonised Ionic Pendant is a personal protection tool infused with negative ions to create a harmonising field of 10 metres around the body. Can be worn at all times, even in the shower or swimming.

Stay Healthy with the…

Orgone Healthy Travel Pack keeps you energised and ready for life!

(You will receive a Blue Pendant and Plate unless otherwise stated under special requirements when you place your order:)

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Orgone Healthy Travel Pack


When travelling we always look forward to the destination.  However we should be enjoying the whole travel experience.

The Aircraft Harmoniser and the Ionic Pendant help you to achieve stress free travel.  When you get to your destination plug in the Geoclense and your hotel room will be refreshed and energetically harmonised for healthy living.  When you go out take your plate with you and place your drinks, whatever you eat and anything else you would like ionised before you ingest.

All these products help to keep you healthy for you to focus on enjoying your holiday and travels.

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