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Orgone Wand
Orgone Harmonised Wand

Orgone Harmonised Wand


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Orgone Harmonised Wand

The Orgone Harmonised Wand is an energy balancing tool designed to clear imbalances in the Aura and Chakras.

The Orgone Harmonised Wand can be used on people and animals.  It can also energise water, liquid and food, especially fruit and vegetables.

The wand is made from acrylic which has been specially treated with OEA’s unique Ionic Infusion technology and modified with a purple filter to enhance and speed up the energy balancing process.

Why do we need to keep the Aura clear?

With the electromagnetic stresses of the 21st Century, the Positive charge noxious energy fields which we are subjected to, creates imbalances of energy in the Aura especially around and above the left of your head, thus draining the three chakras that exist approximately 12 inches above the head and each shoulder.

In some cases, holographic like noxious energy fields which attach to the side of people can dramatically and instantly drain a person’s energy and create stress on the organs.

People who may have an imbalance of heavy metals in the body and especially in the case of Candida, can create a noxious energy field around the body up to 3 feet away, and this can not only cause discomfort for the person but also to other people who may be close by.

When any of the above circumstances arise, we risk the chance of our energies being drained due to stress on our organs, and our personal protection and intuitive mechanisms are interfered with.

Tap water always needs to be energized before drinking, and vegetables and fruit grown in areas subject to VLF (Very Low Frequency earth radiation) is compromised in vitality and should be re-balanced before consumption.


GDV Kirlian Diagram of the above Aura Images showing before graph line in red which indicates different organs under stress, and the blue graph line showing how the application of the Ionic Wand through the Aura has improved organ energy levels.
Left circuluar graph indicates emotional, and the right physical.  The center line through the green circle indicates optimal organ energy levels and the pink circle indicates organs under stress.


GDV Kirlian Aura Imaging of Aura before use of Ionic Wand on left, and after use of Orgone Harmonised Wand on right.  Notice the difference in size of each image.

How to use an Ionic Wand:-

People and Animals

Wave the wand around the top of the head in a clockwise fashion for around 5 seconds, up to 3 feet behind the person from neck to knee height, and around the stomach in the case of Candida.

Where pain is being treated, wave the Ionic wand around the affected area for as long it it may take to feel a reduction in pain levels.

If you are sensitive enough, you can feel the imbalances in the Aura which require balancing.  Remember to check your progress as you go.


Hold the Orgone Harmonised Wand against a glass of water for around 10 seconds to energise the contents.




18cm long