Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser

$165.00 $135.00

Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser

Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser

$165.00 $135.00

Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with the Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser

SAVE $30  (Orgone Home Harmoniser rrp $165)

The Orgone Home Harmoniser known as the Geoclense is our top seller and that is because of its effectiveness to harmonise positive ions created by noxious energy.

The Geoclense Home Harmonser is a Solid State Negative Charge Generator which balances Positive Ions.  Postive Ions are a noxious, unhealthy energy that is naturally created when current passes through the electrical circuit (otherwise known as EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation). The Geoclense Home Harmoniser harmonises all noxious energies emitted from electrical appliances connected to the home circuit.

EMR is a major contributor to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Curry, Hartman, Benker and 400 metre Grids. When any of these energies are present within or underneath a building the noxious charge may effect the body’s nervous system and place it under stress which may  lead to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system. Oxygen levels within a building can also depleted.

With the Geoclense Home Harmoniser operating, the stress put on the nervous system by the Positive Ion component of EMR and other sources of noxious energy are removed, and oxygen/photon levels are corrected.

Within an instant the space feels lighter and clearer and the wellbeing of the people restored creating a healthier and happier home or office environment.

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser lasts forever and when plugged in and turned on does not draw on any power.  It simply connects with the electrical wiring which helps to amplify the resonance of the frequency infused in the Geoclense.


  • Feeling anxious or stressed when using devices
  • Constant headaches or fatigue in certain environments
  • A sense of heaviness and contained energy
  • Feeling sick or out of sorts for no particular reason
  • Negative emotions or inability to sleep soundly
  • Feeling hypersensitive
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lethargy, vagueness, lack of energy
  • Simple things seem hard

• Electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, wiring and power lines up to 200m adjacent to property.
• Underground Water Veins.
• Sewer and Gray Water Pipes.
• Fluorescent Lighting.
• Fault Lines.
• Microwave beams and fields from appliances and Mobile Phones.
• WI-FI emissions.
• Dissolves Imprints from previous occupants emotional distress.
• Death imprints and Spirit Lines along with Ghost activity.
• HAARP Beams.
• Personal Beams.
• Radio Frequency fields from Mobile Phone Towers.
• All sources of artificial heat which normally produce a sickly Positive Ion resonance of heated and cooled air such as oil, gas and reverse cycle air conditioning.
• Noxious resonance caused by mould and fungi that may be present under floor boards or old carpets.
• Digital TV’s & Smart Meters


“Out of our 1400 products that we sell, the Geoclense is our #1 bestselling product worldwide.  It is VERY effective and is used by me personally, and my family and friends, and they have been assessed by the most critical electro-hypersensitive and energy sensitive individuals worldwide.  It is the single most effective solution for combating sick building syndrome or geopathic stress that I know of worldwide, in my 27 years of assessing such products.”
Greg Hernon, Melbourne.



The Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser is infinitely superior in performance than Himalayan Salt Lamps and traditional needle type Negative Ion Generators at generating Negative charged fields.

Salt Lamps and Negative Charge Generators create a very small energy balance around 40 cubic metres, at the most. Geoclense Home Harmoniser protects up to 200m.

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser compact size makes it completely portable. Take it with you when you stay in hotels, with friends or even when travelling overseas. (Just plug into the adaptor of the country and the Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser will create a stress free environment.)

* New research shows how Digital TV’s create an Electromagnetic Field up to 200 metres, and in some cases measured to 400 metres in front of the screen! This means that your property and living spaces may be affected by your neighbour’s Digital TV, should their TV be facing your property. The resonance from the Digital TV is much more dangerous than standard Electromagnetic Fields and that from Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, due to the frequencies being created by the Digital TV.

If you are showing physical symptoms of lethargy, nausea, headaches and other discomfort related to the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, you may be affected by the emission from from Digital TV. The Geoclense Home Harmoniser harmonises this noxious energy.

To activate the Geoclense Home Harmoniser simply plug it in to your power point and turn on. Geoclense does not use any power. It is completely portable and can easily be taken from home to the office.

Geoclense is compatible with all the major socket systems worldwide. We will send the Geoclense compatible for your country based on your shipping address. If you require an alternative version, please contact us before ordering, or simply include details in your special instructions.

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