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Orgone Water Divining Rods

Orgone Dowsing Rods


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Orgone Dowsing Rods – for you to learn to read energy!

Pinpoint Noxious Energy in your Environment, Home or Workplace

The Orgone Divining Rods are specifically manufactured to read noxious energies and enable you to determine problem areas in your home or workplace.

To accurately dowse, first tap your thymus gland 4 to 5 times: Men use their right index and middle fingers. Women use their left fingers.

The Thymus gland is located in the middle, upper part of the chest behind the sternum. This corrects the polarity of the body for accurate dowsing, and is also excellent to stimulate the immune system.

• Tap thymus gland.
• Position rods in hands and hold elbows in to the side of your body, connect within and ask your question.

(The first step is to get a clear “yes” and “no” indicator.  Practice asking for a “Yes” and then “No”, you will notice the rods swing in a specific direction each time you ask the question.  These indicators become unique to you and how your energy works with the dowsing rods.)

• Ask your higher self to indicate a “No” response when you reach a noxious energy.
• Start walking slowly around the building and the wires should indicate “No” when you walk into noxious energy. If the energy is extremely noxious the rods will spin around.

• If you wish to take it a step further you can ask the rods to indicate a particular noxious energy such as a 400mtre grid line, water vein, black lines etc.
• Do this by asking the rods to indicate the direction of the particular energy you are dowsing. The rods will swing in the direction of that energy.
• Turn and face that direction and then ask the rods to indicate “no” when you reach that energy.
• This will give you a clear picture of exactly where these energies run through your building.

(We conduct regular Energy Reading Course if you would like to learn more – see Workshops in the black section at the bottom of the home page.)


Dowsing rods can be used to read noxious energy in buildings, homes and offices.  You can also use them to ask questions to receive a “yes” or “no” answer.




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