Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser

$55.00 $50.00

Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser
passengers inside aircraft
Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser and bag

Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser

$55.00 $50.00

passengers inside aircraft

Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser – Protects You While Flying – SAVE 10%

Finally, a noxious energy aircraft harmoniser that converts the overwhelming Positive Ion noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin to healthy Negative Ion has arrived.

This device helps passengers to breathe easier, feel fresher longer and not feel physically ill when flying.

Product field testing using Body Bio-feedback during the development of the Orgone Aircraft Harmoniser found that all stress on the nervous and meridian system were completely removed, and the Negative Ion resonance enabled the passengers to experience a very relaxed and nausea free flight.

The Cabin Harmoniser utilises a new state of the art resonance technology unique to us called Stand Alone Negative Ion Technologies, or SANIT.

SANIT enables the Orgonium to activate its Negative Ion harmonising resonance to a predetermined field of effect without having to be in contact with a hard activating surface or being plugged into the electrical system.

SANIT, being short for sanitise, implies that all dirty or noxious energies in the air are sanitised to become healthy and fresh.

The Disk is also suitable for use in light aircraft, buses, trains, in public spaces such as shopping centres, hospitals, Government Buildings or near electrical sub stations or power lines.


SIZE:  6cm Diameter

MATERIAL:  Infused Resin


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