Soladey Replacement Heads


Soladey Replacement Heads


A Revolution in Dental Care – Toothbrushes that help remove plaque.

Replacement Heads for Soladey Eco or J3X.

Pack of 4 Medium replacement heads.  The most popular heads are the Medium (normal teeth).

To keep your Soladey toothbrush operating at maximum efficiency, replace the brush portion regularly, as often as you would replace a standard toothbrush. We recommend replacement every 3 to 4 months or when the bristles start to curve outwards.

Available in Medium bristles.


Soladey Replacement Heads – Set of 4

The heads are clear resin, just like the originals.

Remember: don’t throw the handle and rod away! With careful use these could last a lifetime. Only the bristle heads need replacing.

Keep the brush bristle head attached to the handle and rod at all times except during replacement. Never leave the toothbrush or bare handle and rod near young children or infants.

All Soladey replacement heads are made with DUPONT TYNEX bristles, which are the quality standard generally recommended by the dental profession. Bristle cut and quality is very important to prevent scratching sensitive gums.

Even though most dentists recommend Soft bristle heads, it is important to note that since the Soladey brushing technique is very light as compared to other toothbrushes, Medium is a good choice. It can be easier to gauge how hard you are brushing with Medium bristles, as these do not splay outwards. Medium bristles may also reach between the gum-line more effectively as they will remain straighter, and they should also last a little longer if brushing with little force.

Choose the bristle head that’s right for you.  (ONLY MEDIUM HEADS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)


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