Orgone Family Mobile Protection

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Orgone Family Mobile Protection

$137.00 $100.00


Wellbeing Family Mobile Protection Pack

Buy 4 Mobile Phone Harmoniser and receive bonus one FREE (Phone Harmoniser normally $27.50ea.)

The Mobile Phone Harmoniser will help harmonise all the electromagnetic radiation coming from your family’s mobile phones and other devices whether they are at home, school or office. It is essential all family members have protective harmonisers on their mobiles to protect their brain and internal organs.

The Mobile Phone Radiaiton Harmoniser is a frequency infused screen print onto a polycarbonate disk, which resonates a balancing negative charge field that may neutralize the positive charge energy fields around the lap top or phone, and also the beam connection at the same time.

Orgone Effects Australia’s Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser may also protect from all other sources of EMF/Earth Radiaiton (Geopathic stress), for a distance of up to 10 metres around the phone, being the ONLY phone radiation balancing device in the world capable of total energy protection!

The Orgone Mobile Phone Harmoniser is suitable for:
• Mobile phones
• iPads & Tablets
• Game consoles
• Laptops
• Computers
• Remote & DECT phones
• Baby monitors
• GPS systems
• and more…

Buy this family pack to protect you and your loved ones and save!


women on mobile phone with discomfort from emr

How do l know that the Orgone Mobile Harmoniser is protecting me?

Here is a simple test.
Without the Orgone Mobile Harmoniser attached to the phone, hold the phone to feel how the positive charge field which may cause organ stress, causes discomfort in the body or dizziness in the head.
Then while making a call, hold the phone at arms length and turn around until you can feel the noxious energy beam penetrating you with symptoms as described above.
Then attach the Harmoniser to the phone and do the same trial again. You will feel the phone and that noxious energy beam  may no longer cause discomfort.  What the Harmoniser has been able to achieve is to balance the noxious positive charge field for better well being, into a negative charge field.  In fact you may not be able to feel anything at all. This proves the effectiveness of the Harmoniser.

Other medical tests performed by muscle testing with Kinesiology, acupuncture point surveys and energy observation tools such as a Biotensor, and Bioresonace equipment will demonstrate that the application of the Orgone Phone Harmoniser may eliminate the resonant stress on human organs.


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