Credit Card & Passport Skimmer Protection

$49.00 $39.00

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Credit Card & Passport Skimmer Protection

$49.00 $39.00

Protect personal details with scan-proof technology.

Did you know criminals can scan details from your credit cards and passports even when they are in your pocket or bag.  These cards hold a Signal Vault technology which incorporates a “built-in antenna” microchip. When a “Skimming Device” sends RDIF waves to detect your card details they are instantly protected by the E-Field which blocks and jams the signals. One card placed in your wallet or passport will protect up to 25 cards.


The risk, or threat, of being the victim of a digital crime is very real. It‘s become common in Australia and across the world.  Only recently a skimming device recorded thousands of cards at a shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast. The fact is, it’s not difficult or illegal for criminals to scan, or harvest unsecured credit and debit card and Passport details. The threat is not just financial either; identity details are being stolen, which is often a far greater problem to a victim than a financial crime.

The reason travellers are particularly vulnerable and at risk is because busy public and transport hubs are easy targets for criminals.


Fortunately, with a Skimmer Protection Card, the risk of being skimmed is eliminated – completely. The card uses E-field technology and is able to block the threatening signals that put card and identity details at risk.  No power source is required, so a user doesn’t have to remember to turn it on, which is perfect for the tired traveller.  The card  draws power from the signals being broadcast by skimming devices, in an attempt to steal information. The very devices that pose a threat, provide the power source. Once placed in a wallet or purse or Passport, it can be forgotten. It will activate automatically when it detects a threat. It protects multiple cards too.


Yes. While there’s no financial risk to a passport holder if skimmed, there’s certainly the risk of an identity related crime being carried out. The information held on a passport can be stolen. The safest, and cheapest form of insurance to guard against this possibility is to place a Skimmer Protection Card inside your passport holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does Skim Guard protect me?

A. Skim Guard has a life span of 5 years.

Q. Is this card covered.

A. Yes, by a 5 year warrantly.

Q. How many cards can Skim Guard protect at any one time?

A. Card creates a 50mm E-Field, which translates up to 15 credit cards.

Q. What about my passport?

A. All new Australian passports incorporate smart card technology.  Slip Skim Guard inside your passport for protection against identity theft.

Q. Can I damage my card?

A. Yes, don’t bend it, expose it to heat or tamper with it.

To activate your Skim Guard card simply remove from the blister pack and place between your credit cards in your wallet or in your passport.