Music To Our Ears

female arms outstretched in the sun

I have just returned from the Waitaha World Water gathering in New Zealand. It was an amazing experience meeting people from far away lands who all heard a tune and came to contribute in whatever way they knew how. And those of us who didn’t know how, simply by hearing the call and turning up, was our contribution.

While this was a particular call, maybe it connects to a universal call that is being sounded right now around the truth of our existence?

As we tune in to the bigger picture  our natural ways are emerging where we seem to want to connect more with simplicity than complication.  As we connect with who we truly are and our relationship with all living things the freer we start to become and our life takes on a greater depth and purpose.

What if we were like an orchestra of Humanity and we started playing out of tune some time ago and didn’t even know our tune had changed.

In the out of tuneness we lost ourselves.

It’s almost like the  universe is letting the  orchestra of Humanity know it is time to come into tune with ourselves and the bigger picture.

This feeling or vibration is available for everyone.

The more we relax around this feeling and let our awareness guide us, we may start to know of another way to operate, where the physical world no longer holds the same grip.

This “new” way of operating helps us to remember how we really work. Things that we once enjoyed no longer “cut the mustard”. Maybe we feel as if our life is in limbo or in a holding pattern waiting for something to happen.  Maybe this is what happens as we transition from one reality to another.

If we can continue to let go of our attachment to physical things and our desire to control what we think we want, we can move very fast now and flow with a greater momentum.  By listening to our internal heart beat we may naturally align with other connections.
We probably know each other well, by the tune we play, not necessarily the way we look. There is an undeniable feeling of, you know what I know, and I know what you know, and together we help hold something about the truth of our existence.

While this can sound very nebulous and many want actual scientific data it falls into a different reality. As you are reading this, it’s not really about the words I have written, but the feeling behind them.

Maybe all we need to do is get out of the way so our spirit can lead us home rather than our head wanting to control everything.

It’s a little like technology.  Wonderful advancements are being discovered at breakneck speed to help make our world more comfortable and convenient.  However, what has happened to real personal communication and connection? Family dinners around the kitchen table, warm fires and sitting together, just being not doing, walking in nature without mobile phones or lying on our back and staring into starry night skies?

We are nature and this is the tune the universe is always playing to help us remember… a truth that is held in our DNA, a faint sound of something inside of us all….and it is becoming louder as it calls us home….are you hearing something?

Imagine this vibration holding our integrity as human beings living on Mother Earth.  It brings us back into an alignment where the spiritual form comes first followed by the physical form.

The first sound wave holds the vibration for the next sound vibration to join the greater matrix.  Every person  has a unique contribution to help form the whole “story” of our original existence….the truth of who we really are.

We are free spirits, maybe we have just forgotten that? However the tune is now playing loud and clear to help us remember and the orchestra of humanity once again comes into harmony with all things and the tune of LOVE reigns eternal across the Universe.

Love Jilly

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