Personal, Professional and Health Awareness Consultant

Jilly Gabrielson is the owner of Phone Radiation Chips and is a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Facilitator of Conscious Leadership Programs.  She also has a Professional and Personal Counselling Service called Bright Spark Health.

She developed Phone Radiation Chips 10 years ago as a further service to her clients. She noticed when working with particularly sensitive clients of  different ages, that their physical health was sometimes compromised by EMR and other technology energies.

When we addressed these situations and installed devices that protected them from the noxious energy, often their behaviours and stress levels started to reduce.

This enabled the Awareness Sessions to focus more on the client gaining greater understanding and perspective of their whole life force energy.

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Bright Spark Health was developed by Jilly Gabrielson as a natural, holistic, awareness business to help individuals and professionals to improve their work, home and lifestyle by creating a healthier balance.

Jilly has 25yrs experience working with Corporate clients, individuals and groups implementing building better relationship programs.

Whether you are concerned with the effects of electromagnetic radiation or  would like to explore more personal issues please call me to have a chat.

email or call on (0417) 451 904      

You may also visit for more information on Personal/Professional Development.

One on One Personal Consultation – $90ph
Available Noosa/Sydney

Corporate Conscious Leadership Coaching – $150ph

In person Noosa and Sydney or via telephone anywhere in Australia.

Phone/Skype Consultation – $90ph
Consultation via Phone or Skype

Complimentary Consultation – 15mins

If you would like to ask any questions or gain further information.