The River

Our soul carries a natural life force that connects us to an energetic flow outside the physical world.  This greater field holds our day to day physical experiences that join together to form life.  We can lead a safe and secure life by using our mind to work out what we want and how we will get that or we can connect to our natural life force flow and trust that this will form the experiences we are meant to have.

When you observe the flow of a river we can feel it is in tune with nature and life.  If we tried to capture that life force by scooping a bucket of water from the river and taking it home we instantly separate from what is, into what we want.  The container of water is now still water sitting confined in a bucket.  It is yours and you have what you think you want.  However there is no longer a flow of life force that is free and present which was the very thing that connected us to the “feeling “ of the river.

Our soul, like the river, carries an energy in tune with nature and the universe and when it is acknowledged and allowed to lead our experiences it too can remain free and draw in the experiences to match our spirit rather than our mind.

When we lead a soul centred life this momentum opens up possibilities and opportunities that would have otherwise remained unknown and unfelt.  These experiences may be the keys to not only our own actualisation but that of humankind.

Tune in and feel the flow of your river, don’t limit yourself to the bucket of water.  You are your own  source and hold an eternal ocean of love within that wants to freely flow and truly “live” life.

Love Jilly

September, 2107

hands around earth ball

Electromagnetic Frequencies – EMF Facts

Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Earth Magnetic Grid Lines are all standing waves (walls) of EMF which can only be harmonised not dissolved. The area where grid lines cross is known as a cube.
The wider the grid line, the bigger the cube and the more dangerous to life forms. For example, a person sleeping with a Benker or 400-meter grid crossing over them is at a higher risk of cell damage and organ stress than having only a single grid line over them.
Earth Magnetic Grid lines cannot be moved or dissipated like Death Imprints.
Grids run north south, east west, to magnetic north. Nets run 45 degrees to north-south.


Hartman Grid, 300mm wide, occur every 3.5 meters.

Curry Net 300mm wide, occur every 3.5 meters.


Benker Grid – 1100mm wide, occur every 7 meters.

400 Metre Grid – 2.5 meters wide, occur every 400meters

Death Imprints, Spirit Lines and Black Lines

A Death Imprint is an imprinted electromagnetic field, sometimes known as a Bioplasmic field, of dense etheric matter carrying Astral Fragments where either a person or animal has passed away, although the actual spirit of the being which has passed goes to ‘Godhead”.
From the imprint, a Spirit Line occurs radiating out either side of the imprint and the Fragmented Astral energy can spread to the boundaries of a property or even greater.

The Astral Fragments can be referred to as an ‘Entity, due to is counter-conscious behavior. These Fragments are highly dangerous to humans and animals as they are able to lodge or imprint into the etheric fields of living beings.

  • Spirit Lines are 200mm wide and are evidence of Astral Fragmentation in a building.
  • Death imprints are the energy field left after the death of an animal or human and are the size of the actual being that died in that particular place.
  • There are no death imprints in Australia over 200 years old. This is because the Australian Aboriginals, who were masters of the energies of the land, knew how to dissolve the imprints. However, when the Europeans arrived and started to massacre the Aboriginals, the death imprints were not able to be dissolved.

Water Veins & Black Water

Water Veins are earth radiation EMF fields, which are usually between 350mm wide and 4 meters wide, however, they can vary in width.

Water Veins can run in any direction and are 2 degrees warmer than the ground either side of the vein. Cats like to sleep over water veins because they sense the increase in temperature. They are not drawn to them because of the noxious resonance.

Some carry cancer-causing Radon Gas caused by interaction with radioactive minerals. Radon Gas is a big problem in the USA where there is a lot of radioactive material underground.

Water Veins can project from ground level to a height of around 1.2 meters. This means that in a multi-story building people working above the ground floor are not affected by the presence of coal, granite, or uranium in the ground.
The ground water lying just under the surface, along with the presence of radioactive matter creates what is called Black Water. Some people may suffer quite severe geopathic stress imprinting in the body, more so than the charge from the radioactive matter in the ground.

Cities such as Perth and Adelaide have large areas of black water due to the sandy soil and flat terrain and their strong presence of radioactive matter in the ground.


Coal deposits which are close to the surface create earth radiation which emanates up to around 15 meters above the ground. Cities such as Gladstone, Newcastle, Morwell and the Gold Coast are areas where there are coal deposits.

Statistics from surveys of people who live where they are exposed to the resonance from coal generally creates geopathic stress in the liver.

Uranium and Granite

Uranium and granite are radioactive minerals which also occur naturally in the ground, virtually everywhere around the world. It is decomposing matter and creates Gamma, which extends to around 40 meters above the ground. It has a strong positive charge, which causes geopathic stress. In some areas such as the Gold Coast, coal, granite, and uranium can occur simultaneously. Statistically, around 85% of properties Google read and surveyed, or on-site surveys have at least one toxic mineral in the ground.

Airborne Heavy Metal Contaminants

Another energetic influence over a property may also be from airborne pollutants such as heavy metals. The heavy metals carry a positive charge which can easily be read as causing organ stress similar to what earth radiation of EMF would. These metals are Cesium 134 & 137, Strontium 90, which come from nuclear power plants. Or mercury dust from coal fire power plants. Although we don’t have nuclear power in Australia, however CHEMTRAILS do contain Cesium and Strontium.

Countries which have nuclear power have a strong presence of these heavy metals in the air and is very easily read using Google earth. France has the greatest number nuclear power plants in Europe. America also has many nuclear plants.

Heavy metals are a health risk because they cause yeast overgrowth in the intestines, which leads to candida, especially in the lymph, which may lead to various tumors in the lymph glands and surrounding tissues, i.e. cancer.

Illness Imprints

Illness imprints are a result of a person which may have a severe illness and the organs which are diseased create a positive charge strong enough that the charge leaves an imprint in the space. Often you will find liver, or heart or pancreas illness imprints in a property. The illness imprint will cause organ stress in everyone that enters that space.

Emotional Imprints

Emotional imprints are positive charge fields caused by someone’s emotional distress and will couple with an illness imprint. For example, you may have a liver imprint along with a ‘livid’ emotional imprint or a ‘depression’ emotional imprint coupled with either a heart illness imprint or pancreas illness imprint. Canberra has a very strong heart and pancreas illness imprint coupled with a depression emotional imprint, which is so strong that at times it may be felt in other parts of Australia as far away as Melbourne.


Outgassing is the release of toxic odours from materials such as new carpets, plastics, paints, chemicals such as petrol, chemicals fertilizers etc. Besides having a toxic odour, outgassing also creates a positive charge field. For example, a petrol station may create an imprinted field from the petrol in the tanks underground for up to 60 meters away from it. Outgassing odours are also a xenoestrogen or a hormone cell disruptor. This is another reason why women’s hormone health experts are always expressing caution about the dangers of exposure to xenoestrogens.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

  • Electromagnetic Radiation is caused by our electrical systems and is measured in Milligaus with a Gauss Meter up to 100Mg.
  • Readings over 4Mg are deemed dangerous to animals and humans.
  • Some appliances create EMF fields of up to 3 metres radius. Examples being fridges, CRT TV or PC/Laptop screen, Plasma and LED TV’s, bedside lamps, computers, meter box, old power points that are worn or damaged.
  • If the earth wire at the meter box is grounded to the buildings water pipe, which was common practice many years ago, then the pipe will emit an EMR field.
  • Overhead power lines create EMR fields, which vary according to the amount of current running through them. An example of this being that there will be larger EMR fields in the middle of summer at 7PM when the load of air-conditioning, cooking, washing and electronic entertainment is at its highest.
  • EMR also creates leaked or imprinted EMF fields. This means that an electrical appliance when turned off, still has an EMF field around it which needs to be dissipated with a strong source of programmed negative charge such as with the Geoclense Home Harmonizer fitted.

Radio Frequency Fields (RF)

RF fields are caused by WiFi and other outside influences such as:

  • Smart Meters create a RF field of approximately 1.5 metres around it. They send a communication back to the tower which is about 150mm diameter.
  • Digital TV’s creating a RF field up to 200 metres in front of the screen which is also a dissolvable (using the Geoclense) imprinted EMF field.
  • Digital clock radios creating a RF field of up to .5 metres in front of the screen.
  • Wireless routers, PC modems, baby monitors, cordless phones, mobile phones, 2 way radios, microwave ovens.
  • Larger outside influences are mobile phone towers, TV or radio broadcasting stations and towers.
  • Some of the larger communication towers which have the large Microwave drums attached can have a dangerous field of up to 400 metres away from the tower as with the Bondi Junction tower in NSW.

All the Orgone Products harmonise the above fields to improve your health and limit your exposure to noxious energies.


Emotional Cleanse

“Not another detox, part of me thinks I don’t want to do that, it’s too hard however the part that is in tune knows how beneficial a physical clean out can be.” Just as our home needs a regular “move the furniture” type clean, so does our body.

However, there is another cleanse that is as equally important as our physical cleanse, it’s an emotional cleanse. When we eliminate old emotional thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have weighed us down or held us back we can open up new pathways that lead to healthier emotional choices.

Some may say that’s all well and good but how do you do an emotional cleanse?  It can be very simple when you really want to. The first thing is willingness to want to change or gain a greater understanding around someone or something.  With this in place it gives us a greater ability to be able to take an honest look at ourselves, our motivations, expectations and behaviours not just through our mind but also our heart.

Sometimes we can be operating on automatic pilot and just going through the motions and not really connected to what we are doing  If we are doing the same things we will be getting the same results and even if we are hoping for better outcomes, our awareness may not be open  enough to recognise it when it comes.

Love is the greatest cleanser in the world. It starts with love of self. I don’t mean the 70’s mantra “you have to love yourself”, I’m talking about the connectedness with our heart and soul and a genuine knowing of who we are. It is the ability to love ourselves through the most confronting times in our life. Whether we make mistakes, upset someone or withdraw from situations, it is not to make ourselves small by our mind’s internal reprimands as it leads to the same old automatic patterns playing out where nothing is solved.

It helps to face everything as if we are in the driver’s seat of our life and responsible for the creation of it. If we want to change things then we take charge of our thoughts, beliefs and actions to look at what is working, what is not and make changes accordingly.

Fear blocks us wanting to change which in turn stops the cleansing of emotions. We can sometimes be so fearful of the unknown we are prepared to stay unhappy in our lives. These fearful beliefs are just words we give power to and they continually restrict our movements and keep us in the passenger seat of our life.

When we connect to our true self and work with our heart’s natural way, rather than our mind making all the decisions, other important senses like intuition and purpose kick in. This take us into a bigger picture where we can recognise opportunities and get ourselves into the right place, at the right time for the right thing to happen.

Emotional cleansing is simply about being aware; it’s not a seasonal thing, it’s a lifestyle shift. Living life by first connecting internally and then viewing our external world in present time helps us to  relate and enjoy everything we do. There is no need to hold onto the past or the future…all we have is right now in present time and our relationship with ourselves and each other,  just as you read this article you are connecting to this moment….and have already started your emotional cleanse!

Suggestions that may help:-

1. Be honest and true to self and willing to change
2. Communicate to self or someone who will listen to help gain understanding
3. Observe your behaviour and be kind to yourself through the good, bad and ugly
4. Relax. Do things that nurture and fulfil
5. Know that things can change in a moment, just because things have looked a certain way doesn’t mean they have to stay that way
Enjoy your Autumn cleanse of turning over a new leaf whether it be physically, emotionally or both!

All connected,

Published One Magazine March 2017

geopathic stress diagram

Diagram of House with Geopathic Stress

Quote Gerard Bini – Founder of Orgone Effects Australia

Geopathic Stress is the lowering of the of the earths magnetic grids Ley Lines and underground water veins energetic status to a point that they create unhealthy bands and fields of Positive Ion.  This occurs to a point that it creates distress and disease  in people and animals. The earth’s major magnetic grids known as the Benker, 170metre, 250 metre and 400 metre grids create healthy Negative Ion which is energetically harmonious to people in natural surroundings.

However, their energetic state deteriorates to a point that is dangerous to human health when a building is constructed above them, or if the land is poisoned by fertilizers, land fill ot radioactive matter such as volcanic rock.

Beker Grids, which are 1100mm wide are especially dangerous to health  when combined with dangerous levels of  Electromagnetic Radiation. They become a danger to human health if too much time is spend over them (sleeping in bed) thus leading to physical and or mental health problems.

 Symptoms of being affected by Geopathic Stress  are disrupted sleep, waking up feeling drained rather than rejuvenated or feeling nauseous or depleted of energy  while sitting in a particular place.  A great percentage of people are sensitive to Geopathic Stress, and once identified its debilitating effect can  very easily be felt.

 Geopathic Stress is also caused by fault lines and fissures known as fault zones, which occur with the rising and falling of the earths crust.  This causes a lower than normal vibrational rate, which can  also create severe physical and mental states in the human body.

The Geopathic Stress caused by fault zones  lowers Melatonin levels creating mental instability,  which in turn  may leads to depression related problems such as alcohol or drug problems.”

Gerard Bini is a leading geomancer, medical intuitive and sick building expert having worked in this field for the past 20 years.  He is also the inventor of the Geoclense Home Harmoniser and the entire range of Orgone Products.

He advises that the Geoclense Home Harmoniser is guaranteed to turn Sick buildings into healthy buildings, thus making people healthier, happier and more in tune with themselves and their surroundings.