The River

Our soul carries a natural life force that connects us to an energetic flow outside the physical world.  This greater field holds our day to day physical experiences that join together to form life.  We can lead a safe and secure life by using our mind to work out what we want and how we will get that or we can connect to our natural life force flow and trust that this will form the experiences we are meant to have.

When you observe the flow of a river we can feel it is in tune with nature and life.  If we tried to capture that life force by scooping a bucket of water from the river and taking it home we instantly separate from what is, into what we want.  The container of water is now still water sitting confined in a bucket.  It is yours and you have what you think you want.  However there is no longer a flow of life force that is free and present which was the very thing that connected us to the “feeling “ of the river.

Our soul, like the river, carries an energy in tune with nature and the universe and when it is acknowledged and allowed to lead our experiences it too can remain free and draw in the experiences to match our spirit rather than our mind.

When we lead a soul centred life this momentum opens up possibilities and opportunities that would have otherwise remained unknown and unfelt.  These experiences may be the keys to not only our own actualisation but that of humankind.

Tune in and feel the flow of your river, don’t limit yourself to the bucket of water.  You are your own  source and hold an eternal ocean of love within that wants to freely flow and truly “live” life.

Love Jilly

September, 2107


Emotional Cleanse

“Not another detox, part of me thinks I don’t want to do that, it’s too hard however the part that is in tune knows how beneficial a physical clean out can be.” Just as our home needs a regular “move the furniture” type clean, so does our body.

However, there is another cleanse that is as equally important as our physical cleanse, it’s an emotional cleanse. When we eliminate old emotional thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have weighed us down or held us back we can open up new pathways that lead to healthier emotional choices.

Some may say that’s all well and good but how do you do an emotional cleanse?  It can be very simple when you really want to. The first thing is willingness to want to change or gain a greater understanding around someone or something.  With this in place it gives us a greater ability to be able to take an honest look at ourselves, our motivations, expectations and behaviours not just through our mind but also our heart.

Sometimes we can be operating on automatic pilot and just going through the motions and not really connected to what we are doing  If we are doing the same things we will be getting the same results and even if we are hoping for better outcomes, our awareness may not be open  enough to recognise it when it comes.

Love is the greatest cleanser in the world. It starts with love of self. I don’t mean the 70’s mantra “you have to love yourself”, I’m talking about the connectedness with our heart and soul and a genuine knowing of who we are. It is the ability to love ourselves through the most confronting times in our life. Whether we make mistakes, upset someone or withdraw from situations, it is not to make ourselves small by our mind’s internal reprimands as it leads to the same old automatic patterns playing out where nothing is solved.

It helps to face everything as if we are in the driver’s seat of our life and responsible for the creation of it. If we want to change things then we take charge of our thoughts, beliefs and actions to look at what is working, what is not and make changes accordingly.

Fear blocks us wanting to change which in turn stops the cleansing of emotions. We can sometimes be so fearful of the unknown we are prepared to stay unhappy in our lives. These fearful beliefs are just words we give power to and they continually restrict our movements and keep us in the passenger seat of our life.

When we connect to our true self and work with our heart’s natural way, rather than our mind making all the decisions, other important senses like intuition and purpose kick in. This take us into a bigger picture where we can recognise opportunities and get ourselves into the right place, at the right time for the right thing to happen.

Emotional cleansing is simply about being aware; it’s not a seasonal thing, it’s a lifestyle shift. Living life by first connecting internally and then viewing our external world in present time helps us to  relate and enjoy everything we do. There is no need to hold onto the past or the future…all we have is right now in present time and our relationship with ourselves and each other,  just as you read this article you are connecting to this moment….and have already started your emotional cleanse!

Suggestions that may help:-

1. Be honest and true to self and willing to change
2. Communicate to self or someone who will listen to help gain understanding
3. Observe your behaviour and be kind to yourself through the good, bad and ugly
4. Relax. Do things that nurture and fulfil
5. Know that things can change in a moment, just because things have looked a certain way doesn’t mean they have to stay that way
Enjoy your Autumn cleanse of turning over a new leaf whether it be physically, emotionally or both!

All connected,

Published One Magazine March 2017



If we only live a small part of the life that is available to us, what happens to the rest?

If we are to live every moment in the fullness available why do we sometimes feel our life is empty?

Are there two worlds? One completely orchestrated and created through our mind that constructs form, the other the world of nature. Our mind’s world is definite, linear, stops and starts, has hard, sharp edges and exists in the physical duality where everything is judged good or bad. Our feelings have been trained to follow our mind and hence our world is created based on a physical reality.

The other world is nature. This reality is infinite, endless, has round edges, is expansive , spirals, is purposeful and felt. It is accessed through the heart and our natural awareness grows to become conscious of the existence of something greater, unknown until it is known.

We are nature and when we work with it we are in tune. Nature creates space for inflows and outflows which help us freely move from one experience to the next. Just like the ocean when it comes into the shore and retreats back to itself, it flows freely and is what it is.   No matter whether displaying huge threatening waves or sparkle topped ripples, we love it.

As spiritual beings we do not attach to anything, emotionally or physically. In nature everything is free to follow its natural cycle and things just are. Our natural energy flow as free spirits is giving and receiving and while this may seem too simplistic, the power of operating authentically is enormous.

We are naturally drawn and connected to people. Some connections may be obvious, others unexplainable, but an inner sense of knowing keeps the link in place whether it is acknowledged or not.

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you feel you know them, perhaps you do know their energy, just not the way they look this time. Our attention may be focussed on the physical and the actual words spoken, rather than what is behind these veils.

When meeting people and connecting with them maybe it is far simpler than we think. We complicate exchanges by trying to work things out. What if we closed our eyes and tuned into their energy, we would probably come up with a whole different story.

The universe is nature and is on our side, it is like our father’s truth and mother’s love and this union creates children. Children free to explore and discover life on this wonderous planet. To be able to interact with everything yet not be attached to having to have everything. Maybe the purpose of us being here is to consciously come back to our simple child-like nature and be able to hold the integrity of carrying the power of the truth.

Life determining moments happen in the simplest of ways. While we are focused on making big things happen, off to the side, the little moments occur that carry the deepest meaning.

At times we are not aware they are happening. It’s like something has been in front of us all along, but we’ve looked up, down, side to side and given up, or thought we were wrong.

In that sweet moment of surrender we find ourselves.

It’s like our mind forms beliefs of how things are to look and we only look for that.

What if we were meant to be tuning into natural experiences that come easily to us and are recognised as a simple stepping stone to the next? We have to lift our foot off the stepping stone to reach the next one. No holding on to anything.

Everything changes, nothing is meant to be permanent. We are meant to move freely from one moment to the next and not attach to any particular emotion, feeling or experience. It is to simply enjoy the experience with no judgements as we freely flow to the next. It is surprising how deeply satisfying every moment becomes being present to it, not the past or the future, just present.

This aligns us with all of nature and we find our natural place and connection in such a way that it ignites our purpose of being.

It creates a true natural vibration that aligns us with our home reality.

As spiritual beings we are all having one experience where all flows are connected and when this flow is acknowledged it helps activate us all.

Inner peace is found when we no longer have to go outside ourselves to find joy. When we can truly be with ourselves and love who we are regardless of what we do. In one way there is nothing to do…other than to love ourselves and let go. In that we love the whole planet and let go of trying to control nature so it works for us. We trust nature to lead us home.

We are free, when our spirits fly and our mind is our friend who works with us.

Our endless life beats with the heart of the universe. Our nature is eternal love.

All connected


Published Living Now Magazine 2014


Music To Our Ears

female arms outstretched in the sun

I have just returned from the Waitaha World Water gathering in New Zealand. It was an amazing experience meeting people from far away lands who all heard a tune and came to contribute in whatever way they knew how. And those of us who didn’t know how, simply by hearing the call and turning up,

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