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Geoclense Home Harmoniser


Covers electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, wiring and power lines, underground water veins, sewer and gray water pipes, fluorescent lighting, fault lines, microwave beams and fields from appliances and Mobile Phones, WI/FI emissions, HAARP Beams, radio frequency fields from Mobile Phone Towers, all sources of artificial heating and cooling, noxious mould and fungi resonance under floor boards or old carpets, digital TV’s..and more!

Buy one for the entire home (regardless of size) and a second one for work, office, school, travelling, holiday house or for a special friend!

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Suitable for all portable devices including all models of mobile phone, WiFi, iPads, iPods, computers, laptops, GPS, baby monitors etc.

Mobile Phone and WI FI Radiation Harmonisers are designed to neutralise the noxious radiation emissions from all types of mobile phones and WI FI systems. Mobile phones and WI FI systems send a noxious energy beam direct from the phone or lap top to the communication tower or modems. The same noxious energy beam is present between wireless modem and lap-top computer. This noxious energy beam penetrates the cells around your head while using the phone, and of people who may be positioned between the communicating phone or lap top and the tower or modem thus affecting their wellbeing.

Hot head syndrome experienced while talking on a mobile phone for a prolonged period of time is also reduced. The dangerous radiation that is emitted from the phone while in your pocket or hand bag that penetrates the cells of your body with Positive Ion is also harmonised.

The Harmoniser creates a healthy Negative Ion life force energy field which transmutes all noxious Positive Ion energy fields around the lap-top or phone and also the beam connection at the same time. The mobile phone harmoniser is an effective product because it is capable of harmonising the noxious energy beam between the phone and communication tower.

Orgone Geoclense Home Harmonizer

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Keeps your entire home safe from Wi-Fi radiation, Geopathic Stress, EMR and More.

Just plugs into the power point and balances out the Positive Ions which are known as noxious unhealthy energy created by current passing through electrical circuits.

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Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser

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Orgone Geoclense Radiation Harmoniser

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